Zombie Hunter, Inc. (PC) review

Are you ready to join the Zombie-killing enterprise? No? Me neither; I’ll be off huddled in a corner somewhere, or playing one of the new maps in Splatoon. Anyway, if you are one of the brave elites, perhaps you will be on the front lines playing the new zombie-shooter game called Zombie Hunter, Inc. Should you be that person, feel free to read our pre-zombie-shooter briefing (review of the game) below:

Zombie Hunter, Inc.

Zombie Hunter, Inc. Concept:

In Zombie Hunter, Inc., you play as a zombie hunter-for-hire who rescues stranded survivors. While protecting the survivors from zombies is important, there’s more to the story than just the undead wandering the streets of Washington, DC. Every survivor you save has a certain impact on the game’s storyline. And apparently it’s impossible to save everyone, so be choosy. Some survivors will have useful skills and then others might know the location of special weapons.

The game is currently in early access, where it focuses on Zombie Hunter, Inc.’s multiplayer Survival mode. Unlike traditional zombie horde modes where players buy weapons and ammo between waves, groups of up to four players choose the perfect loadout at the start of every seven-minute round. Players will only be able to equip their weapons after earning enough cash from zombie kills to purchase them; again, only based on which ones you chose from your initial loadout. This makes coordinating with friends a priority too: Individual weapons have different stats and may only be effective against specific zombie types.

Zombie graphics

Zombie Hunter, Inc. Key Features:

  •  Top-down shooter with custom firing mechanics that allows players to aim for the head.
  • Challenging survival mode, where players must protect survivors from hordes of zombies while gradually upgrading their gear.
  • 10 zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Huge variety of guns and gadgets, including secondary weapons and accessories.
  • Engaging campaign mode with a large city full of zombies to kill, guns to fire, secrets to discover, loot to trade, and survivors to save. [IN DEVELOPMENT]

The Goods and the Bads:

Good: It certainly is satisfying to shoot zombies… in any setting; it would seem as though Zombie Hunter, Inc. is making it just satisfying enough to Zombie reloadbarshoot zombies. And with that, there is a veritable plethora of weapons to choose from and most of which are fun to use. Purchasing the weapons before taking on the waves in survival mode was also a relatively unique choice for the developers to implement. It could, however, end up being in the “bad” category as well if players choose weapons that don’t aid them well in the coming survival waves. Lastly, I personally am a fan of shooters that allow for the strong/fast reload (like in Gears of War where if you time your reload just right, as you’re reloading you can finish it in half the time), and this game has that feature. But don’t butcher the fast reload, because if you miss your mark when reloading, it’ll take twice as long to finish the reload.

Bad: There are so many zombie-killing games out there right now. So many, in fact, that this game will probably just slip through the undead cracks. There really isn’t anything to separate it from other zombie-killers or shooters. It doesn’t have great graphics, the sounds and voice acting aren’t great, the gameplay mechanics have all been used before in other games (and usually done just as well, or better, in the other games), and it isn’t even cheaper than some of the competition. In an era of Left 4 Dead 2 now potentially coming out with a Left 4 Dead 3 sequel, Resident Evil, Day Z, Moving Hazard, and so many other zombie-shooters, any game that can’t separate itself from these amazing franchises in a big way is probably not going to survive. I am sad to say, it would seem that Zombie Hunter, Inc. just isn’t going to do it. Not only that, but the game even has some technical flaws and poor pacing. The game is in early access, so perhaps it can be forgiven if the final version and updates fix it, but I mean, come on… is the menu screen supposed to look like this? – Zombie Hunter, Inc... is it supposed to look like this?

I’m also very upset at the fact that the zombies can hit you while you’re accessing your inventory. It’s already a challenge to navigate the inventory successfully, as the game’s interface is clunky and there is Zombies attack you even after you access your inventorylittle-to-no tutorial, so the fact that the player will still be attacked after bringing up the inventory screen is just frustrating. Blunders like this are why Zombie Hunter, Inc. may not be the zombie-killing game of this, or any, year.

Score: 2 out of 10


Here at DKCgaming, we always welcome the opportunity to get the opinions of our other writers heard too.
JoMoDo says: “When playing throughout the multiplayer mode, I personally didn’t feel the “thrill of the fight” but rather had the sense of “is this it?” Regardless, it does have its charms and the potential to be more when the game comes in full. Currently, the range of enemies can make each wave interesting and keep you on your toes, but saying that, you can also say that the hordes of zombies is a tad bit too overpowering. I feel that the balance is slightly off, but that can certainly change for the better. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend the game as is, especially for the price they’re looking for. But I would keep an eye out and see how they add to it in the future, because it certainly has potential.

Zombie Hunter, Inc. is now available through Steam Early Access on Windows PCs for just $9.99

A review code was given to the authors for the purposes of this review, and it was much appreciated.



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