Wondershot Review (PC)

Wanna be a one hit wonder? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Cause that’s all it takes to bring your enemies (and you) down. Wondershot is a 4-player game that requires you to take down your opponents in one shot. If you don’t, you’ll be the one getting one-shotted!


Wondershot Concept:

Wondershot is a battle arena that focuses on multiplayer, (though single player is very much still an option). One hit is all it takes to take you out! Also, your weapon has only one ammo, so if you miss your shot you are either gonna have to run and recapture your weapon, or die trying. Oh, the map and weapon change after each round too, can’t forget that now can we?

Game Mechanics:

There are four weapons and three main modes to choose from. The weapons are as follows:

Arrows: Arrow will come back if you land a hit. Tapping A will cause a homing missile (though you still have to have general aim). Holding A will cause it to go faster.

Hammer: Melee based, therefore doesn’t throw far, so make sure to get up close and personal. When holding A, can dash further and even go through walls.

Boomerang: Fast shots, when holding A you can move around and get the hit by having it come back from another angle.

Slingshot: Your shots bounce off walls three times. Lightly tapping A will cause a large projectile while holding A down will cause a small but speedy projectile.

Now in order to use one of the amazing weapons above, you naturally have to choose from one of the three modes below.

Wondershot Battle
Showdown at the center

Battle – This mode is focused on the multiplayer concept, as you can only play if you have others with you. There are three options for you to choose from under this mode, which are the following:

  • Last Nipper, also known as “be the last standing and nip everyone else in the butt”, is where you need to survive till the end of five rounds. Level and weapon changes each time, but what you and your opponent gets differ, so hope that your opponent gets stuck with the hammer while you get the bow. 😉
  • Nippernator has it where it doesn’t matter when you die as long as you can get the main objective finished first, which is to take down your opponents ten times (so if you’re really rocking it, it could only take a maximum of four rounds if you have all four players!). The levels change each round, as do they weapons…but this time, your opponent has the same weapon as you.
  • Diabolik Duel is a combination of the Last Nipper and Nippernator. You want to be the last one standing for five rounds while you and your opponents face off with the same weapon. Except while the previous two battle modes had 25 seconds until sudden death hit, this round instantly brings you to sudden death, where you have to act quick or get sucked into a small area with your blood thirsty friends.

Then there’s adventure mode, where the other two modes can be found:

  • Challengewondershot challenge 2The name of it says it all. This mode features 45 challenges for you to partake, solo style. Nine chapters, five levels each, one challenge for each weapon, where upon completion will unlock the final challenge of that chapter. There are only two core challenges – brawl and time attacks. Master the weapon and challenge your competitors for the top spot on the leaderboard!
  • Endlesswondershot endlessWaves upon waves of monsters are coming after you. There are five stages per wave, with the last being the “boss fight”. After each wave, you receive a power-up reward. Can have friends come in and play alongside you.

The Good and The Bad:

Good – Great first impressions are always ideal, and this game received just that. Fellow DKC editor Steph and I were both amazed at the artwork and overall display. We found the character and level designs to be cute and pleasing to the eye. An added bonus is that everything is clean and easy to navigate.

Controls are easy to use and remember, whether you use a controller or keyboard. I found that using a controller was easier to use, but hey, that may just be me.

Gameplay is loads of fun where it became almost addicting, particularly the Endless mode. Going wave after wave, trying to beat my previous score was challenging (in a good way). Running around, dodging and killing monsters while mastering your skills with each different weapon brought hours of gameplay that was well worth the time spent.  And of course, playing with friends brought many rounds of laughter while we yelled at each other for our kills.

Bad – The only thing I can really complain about is that it’s local multiplayer only. I would have loved for this to be online so I can play with my friends that are further out there! Perhaps I would have also liked additional mode options, but that’s not to say that this game is lacking in content. Again, it’s challenging enough (sometimes I wonder if it’s too challenging) to keep you occupied for hours.

Score: 9/10

Overall, I would recommend Wondershot to anyone that likes a challenge and enjoy every minute of it! It’s true the concept may seem somewhat simple at first glance, but I truly hope everyone can look pass that and find out how much of a gem this truly is.

Wondershot is available for Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 for $12.99



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