What to Expect at PAX East 2017

Aside from E3, attending a PAX event is the next best way to demo a plethora of upcoming games and find out important news in the gaming world. Attendees can choose to meet members of the industry, play hours of indie games, try out the newest gaming technology, or just hang out with other people sharing the same passion!

Every year, PAX East has at least one exhibit to take center stage, becoming the talk of the entire weekend. Last year, it’s fair to say that the HTC Vive and other virtual reality related tech was the most popular of 2016. In order to have a quick demo of the Vive, people waited in lines up to 3 hours long! Interested in what 2017 will offer to the gaming community this year? Whether you are planning on attending this year’s PAX East or are just patiently waiting for news to come from the event, here are some predictions as to just what kinds of things we’ll be seeing at this year’s PAX East!

1)  More Virtual Reality

With the success of last year’s VR exhibits, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more in 2017. Each year, games made for systems like the Vive and Oculus improve significantly, wowing the consumers with how far technology has come. With new age gaming shifting towards a more realistic approach, some even speculate VR headsets to be the future of gaming.

2) The Nintendo Switch

If you haven’t heard about the unique console Nintendo has thrown out for 2017, DKCGaming has you guys covered here. Tons of speculations about the Switch have been made since it’s announcement, but at PAX  anyone will be able to pick it up and try it themselves. With the release date of the Switch scheduled in March, PAX will surely have flocks of fans wanting to try out the system before deciding to purchase it on release.

3) Indie Games

Instead of waiting in huge lines to try the newest AAA title, PAX East 2017 will be the perfect time to check out hidden treasures within the gaming community. Representatives of DKCGaming had a blast last year in the Indie Showcase area, where there were *tons* of fun games with little to no wait! Not just that, but it’s more than likely you’ll be able to speak with the developer directly. If you had to pick just one thing to do for a weekend, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to hang around and play games.

4) Long Lines

Unfortunately, there’s no escaping crowds of people at one of the biggest gaming conventions in North America. One can definitely expect there to be long lines for the more popular attractions, so there’s nothing like being prepared! If you end up waiting in line, there are actually quite a few things you can do to pass the time. Personally, I always have my 3DS on me and streetpass ’till my heart’s content! (I may or may not have 1.5K street passes…) Having snacks on you is also a pretty good idea!

5) Some Surprise!

As much as one can guess what will be at PAX East this year, it doesn’t hurt to hold out for any unknown surprises coming our way. Sometimes, it just takes the weekend itself to bring some sort of news, be it good or bad. I’ll be placing my bets that although we’ll have some idea of what will happen at PAX, there’s always room for something surprising to occur. Whether it’s a special guest, a rumor, or even a new meme, I’ll be anticipating and counting down until March! What do you guys think PAX 2017 will hold? Let us know in the comments below!



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