Trigger Devils Review [and PAX East 2017 Impressions]

Hello, I’m Dr.Kendo (A.A.-like crowd says “Hi Kendo”), and I game too much. Well, honestly, I used to, but I’m certainly on the computer too much and it has led to wrist, hand, and finger pain. Little did I know that a seemingly random appointment I booked for PAX East in 2017 was going to lead me to a product that would help a gamer like myself, and so many others, with the specific pains that I have.

Enter: Trigger Devils! “Huh?,” you may ask, but please, read on below:

Trigger Devils Concept

Developed by avid FPS gamer T Antonio (yeah, his name is “T”), straight out of his own home, Trigger Devils began in a kitchen. As T was messing around with his controller and some epoxy, he wanted to create a trigger stop that would aid him in games like Call of Duty, but without the hassle of drilling into the controller or buying an expensive modded version of it. Fast forward some time later, and now we can all reap the benefits of these hand-made labors of love called Trigger Devils.

Trigger Devils are the world’s first patented attachable trigger stop that works with your standard PS4 and Xbox One controllers without the need for any damaging materials to modify your controller with! Trigger Devils increase players’ reaction times and allow them to increase their firing rate in their favorite first-person shooter games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Destiny, Battlefield, and many more.

Trigger Devils distance marker

The Good and the Bad

The Goods – To be completely honest, I booked an appointment to try out Trigger Devils at PAX East 2017 with the idea that I wouldn’t really notice any difference when playing an FPS with the accessories clipped on. I thought they wouldn’t have a big impact in the slightest. Boy, was I wrong… never have I gotten so many kill-streaks in Call of Duty (Black Ops 3, if anyone’s wondering). There certainly is a spring-back kind of feeling when you hit the trigger with your Trigger Devils equipped, and that’s exactly how it should feel. I suffer from hand/finger pain that creates a major inconvenience in my life, and I did not notice any of those problems when I played for 30 minutes with those Trigger Devils attached.

Trigger Devils on PS4 Controller

The Bads – I’ll just come right out and say it: at the $20 (USD) price point for the PS4 Trigger Devils, I genuinely don’t believe I’m getting $20-worth of gain. Most gamers who regularly play shooters probably do great without the use of something like Trigger Devils. Noting that this is personal opinion, I would definitely say a $10 (USD) price tag would make it worth the leverage provided by the ‘devils’ and that would make them even more accessible to the average gamer who already had to pay $400+ for that console, upwards of $60 for just one controller, and nowadays a cool $50-60 for a game.

Not a hugely big deal, but one last thing to mention is that when you’re installing your Trigger Devils, it is a bit tough to distinguish between the thoughts of “I think I’m about to break this thing when I try to attach it” and “I need to apply more pressure because this thing is just not clicking into place.” Perhaps once you’ve done it one time, you’d be fine with the next, but I personally was teetering on the edge of both of those aforementioned thoughts.


Ultimately I’ll give the Trigger Devils a 7 out of 10! At a lower price point, the score would certainly be higher. But the Trigger Devils are not to be counted out, as they will surprise you. Stay updated on what the team is up to by checking out their YouTube Channel and order your Trigger Devils here!



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