Trial By Viking Review

One day you’re keeping lookout with a fellow viking, trying to prevent the wyverns from taking any of your village’s loved ones. You know you heard the sound of wings and as long as you can help it, you refuse to let anyone meet their fate in this manner. Lo and behold, a wyvern passes through overhead and you give chase. After teaching said wyvern a lesson on messing with vikings, the god known as Odin comes to you, requesting your help to stop the world’s end. Just another day, right?


Trial By Viking Concept:

In the game Trial by Viking, the god Loki is up to no good, so Odin approaches you requesting your aid, for only your kind (human, despite dwarven like features) are able to bring him down. Odin puts you into into the worlds of the norse gods, where you’ll travel around the nine worlds of intense platforming, dungeon crawling, puzzle solving action. And you must face it all alone in this single player platformer brought to you by Last Life Games. 440800_screenshots_20160416155017_1

Your actions and words will steer you towards what kind of destiny awaits you at the end. Are you up for the challenge?

Key Features:

  • Metroidvania-like character upgrades like bombs, double jump, grappling hook, and everlasting breath
  • Morph into a polar bear
  • Steer a flying valkyrie through mazes of hazards
  • Keys, switches, gears, air vents, ropes, hidden areas, puzzles, and other tricky elements
  • Ride on the claws of a great owl like a zip line
  • Power ups like mini viking, metal viking, and time slow
  • Sail a viking long boat while having axe battles with goblins
  • Narrative decisions that will steer your fate toward one of two final boss battles
  • Battle a kraken in a reservoir
  • Character points allow you to specialize your character stats
  • Occasionally-crazy ragdoll physics
  • Controller support
  • 130 levels, over 80 unique enemies, and 27 intense boss battles
  • Available on Win/Mac/Linux

Pros & Cons:

As you can see from above, this game is not lacking in content, that’s for sure! It’s replay value is moderate, so expect to play it again at least once. I was greatly pleased by the visuals – it was modern but still had something about it that brought me to my childhood. Didn’t notice any glitching, ran smoothly even with the graphics on full power, which is always a plus.

The leveling system is balanced – you have to earn the upgrades for your weapons and abilities by finding the sunstones, and earn perks by defeating any boss you may face. Which you will need to choose wisely, for some levels require you to use a certain item to get by.

440800_screenshots_20160416154014_1Level designs were diverse and spread out – one moment you’re crawling through a dungeon, the next you’re getting chased down by a wyvern and must parkour your way across…with the platforms disappearing under your feet.

The downside, on the other hand, would be the overall controls. The keyboard setup is weird and unnatural, though after time you can get the hang of it. But when you’re not struggling with using the up arrow instead of the ‘w’ key along with it’s fellow ‘ asd’ movements, you’re having trouble with the inertia. You find yourself speeding right through, not being able to stop as easily, which makes platforming really difficult (over powered jumps causing you to fly over enemies is fun though). I’ve fallen over simple jumps or slid right into an enemy way more than I’d like to admit. Now don’t get me wrong, despite how negative it may all sound there, it still runs really well! It just takes some getting used to, and hey, can look at it as another challenge to be had!

Rating: 8/10

Overall, I would 100% recommend this game to anyone who likes platformers! If that’s not your thing, then you should get into it because this is a great game. 😉 I mean, it does have a record of having a successful KickStarter for a whopping 7K, and was pushed through Steam Greenlight in 7 days. Trial by Viking also won the 2015 Taco Bell Indie Game Garage contest, as well as was nominated for Best Desktop game at the 2016 Game Connection Development Awards. Wanna know more? Trial By Viking will be at 2016 PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH! So anyone who’s going should stop by and say hello, and find out more about this fun game.


Trial By Viking is out now for $14.99! you accept the challenge?



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