Top 5 Old School Video Game Holiday Gifts Received

The Holiday Season is upon us and here at DKCGaming we are all about the holiday joy. Nothing warms my heart more than the idea of happiness and gift giving. I remember during my childhood, when festive holiday music echoed around the house, I would watch the snow fall as my mother would make some hot chocolate. My siblings and I would run outside to sleigh ride. By night, we would all be together as the glistening snow outside would reflect the elegant moonlight. It was truly a magical time and still is.

One of the most magical experiences I could have ever asked for is the first time I ever played a video game. I’ll never forget it. My first console ever was the NES. I remember playing Super Mario 1 for hours (even sneaking out the console when I was supposed to be sleeping!). Growing up playing video games truly shaped me as a person. That being said, receiving video games as gifts on the holidays were my most favorite gifts.

Holiday Nozomi Render by Shenmue Community Member Esppiral

Here are my top 5 Video Game Holiday Gifts!

5. Nintendo 64

The year was 1997. I remember seeing screenshots of video games for this all new console made by the people who created my first ever game system. It was like a revolutionary sight that blew my mind as a kid. For those who may not know, the N64 was originally named the Ultra 64. I’ll never forget saying cheesy things like, “This is so ULTRA!”, as a kid. (Cringe worthy, I know.) I was following this console as much as I could; I did so mostly through commercials and TV shows. At the time, I didn’t have a subscription to Nintendo Power so I would look at it in my local toy stores when they had system demo units. But then, that Christmas Day… it was all real. I remember opening it with my brother and screaming in joy. I got the Toys R Us Special Gold Controller Edition with a copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy (my parents knew me well 🙂 ) and NFL Quarterback Club 98. Ever since then, N64 has been one of my favorite consoles of all time, and a console I actively collect games for.

4. Final Fantasy X-2

I remember watching G4 back in the day. One of the constant commercials they kept showing was for the sequel to Final Fantasy X. The first time I saw it, I remember thinking about how well the music blends in the with the combat. I recall seeing one of the three main characters in the Songstress Dressphere just dancing around the to the rhythm. The music combined with the visuals really sold me on the game. When I received the game that Christmas Day, I will never forget how I felt. Final Fantasy X-2 dove into many philosophical concepts of reality and humbleness. Experiencing these views at a young age led me to adopting these lessons into my persona forever. Yuna also became my favorite game character of all time. Final Fantasy X-2 means a lot to me for that reason and will always be one of my favorite Holiday Gifts ever.


3. Xbox 360

The North American launch of the Xbox 360 was a hectic one. Microsoft did not meet demands for the console at all upon its release which made finding one for the holidays a nightmare. As a huge fan of the Original Xbox, I really wanted to get my hands on one. I will never forget the feeling when the harsh reality kicked in that I would be Xbox 360-less for quite some time after its launch. Oh boy was I wrong. One of the common sights at major retailers were extremely long lines for this console. I remember thinking to myself that these people were crazy for waiting so long! However, the fan boy inside of me knew I would probably do the same if I had the time. Well, it turns out that one of my family members was one of those crazy people. She waited on a line for a while at a local major retailer and got two units. One for another family member of mine and one for me. I had no clue until that magical Christmas morning when I opened up a brand new Xbox 360. I remember saying “No ******* way!” so loud when opening it. I forget which game I got with it but I do remember being sad that Oblivion was delayed. My parents gave me a gift card for Christmas to get it when it came out. 🙂 That console till this day, in my opinion, is one of the greatest. The countless games I played on it still emotionally relate with me. I am still very thankful for the family member who did this for me. <3




2. Original Xbox

The Original Xbox is very near and dear to my heart. Whether its playing Halo for the first time or getting to finally play Shenmue 2, this console holds so many great memories. I remember hearing about the Xbox well before it was released. The idea of a game console working like a computer seemed very interesting to me at that young of an age. I remember also hearing rumors about this magical game system that can push out graphics like never before. My little mind was so curious that the idea of the Xbox became very mystical. I remember opening up the console on Christmas Morning 2001 and being blown away by NHL HITZ 2002. Till this day, the Original Xbox remains my second favorite console of all time. I actively collect for this console and I hope one day to have a full game set for it.


1. Sega Dreamcast

Where do I begin? The Sega Dreamcast tops many of my “most favorite” lists. So many great memories occured on this console. I remember first hearing about the Dreamcast. At the time, I was well versed in Sega consoles. I had a Genesis/Megadrive and I always loved playing the Saturn and Sega CD at my friends’ houses.I remembering walking into Toys R Us and seeing Sonic Adventure for the first time. My mind could not wrap around what I saw. I remember standing in Toys R Us playing the game for hours. That first day I saw it, I knew it was something special. Another day, I walked into Gamestop (known as Electronics Boutique at the time) and saw the little Sega console that could. I remember walking up to the standee and seeing Ready to Rumble Boxing running for people to play. It was so much fun! I was with my mom at the time and told her that I really wanted this console. That next Christmas morning of 1999, I opened up my brand new Dreamcast alongside Ready to Rumble Boxing and Sonic Adventure. That day was the first day of a new path in my life that I still walk today. If it was not for the Dreamcast and the experiences I had on it, I would be a much different person today. This is why I consider it my favorite Holiday Gift of all time. I love my Sega Dreamcast and still actively play it almost every week.

The Holiday Season is definitely a magical time for everyone. What are some of your favorite video game themed gifts you have received? What are some of your favorite Holiday Memories? Comment them down below! I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!




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