Top 3 Favorite Games of PAX East 2016

Looking back to the memories of PAX East 2016, I am reminded of many fun moments with some of the other DKC Gaming writers and some incredibly fun and innovative games. The Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, is a quinquennial event that extends to the far reaches of the United States (and in the case of PAX Aus, Australia) to bring gamers together in a weekend of fun. Aside from an expo hall full of new and old games alike, PAX also has concerts, tournaments, handheld and console lounges, a bring-your-own-computer area for gaming, and more! PAX East 2016 brought us all to the east coast to enjoy all that PAX has to offer in Boston. While it would take a separate article to explain all of the amazing memories that were made there earlier in the year, what we will do is remember which games were in our top 3 at PAX East 2016!

#3 – Dungeon Punks

PAX East 2016 dungeon punks

This game is incredible for those adventurers out there! Set against the backdrop of adventure games of old, Dungeon Punks even draws in controversies of modern times to its story. Corporate greed is just one example in the game that reminds us of some of our current world’s problems. But not only will players enjoy setting out on a quest of magic and mystery, they will also get a sense for an amazing quality of the game that the developers, Hyper Awesome Entertainment, wanted to achieve with Dungeon Punks. The game is labeled as a “Tag team brawler RPG” and I couldn’t imagine a better branding. This game really does blend the ideas of fighters and RPG/adventure games in a seamless and wonderful way; I felt like I was playing all of my favorite arcade games of old, all rolled up into one! If you like the thought of Street Fighter and Golden Axe fusing together for an adventure-brawler, this is definitely a game you should play! Please see our hands-on impressions from PAX East 2016 article to learn more about Dungeon Punks.

#2 – Tumblestone

PAX East 2016 tumblestone

Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game since Bejeweled. The devs ripped out all of the gem matching gameplay that every Bejeweled clone has been based upon to completely reinvent the genre. This isn’t the kind of game for people to fall asleep to. Tumblestone is an intense puzzle game in the spirit of Tetris Attack or Dr. Mario. This is a game that will test your wits under pressure, but in the most fun way possible. Throw in a few buddies to make the games even more crazy, as the DKC Gaming authors were basically jumping and screaming in joy or terror whilst attempting to out-puzzle each other. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting off the final shot on that last block on an especially hard Tumblestone level, and that’s why Tumblestone is certainly a must-play for anyone even remotely interested in the genre. Read our full review of the game to learn more!

#1 – Marooners

PAX East 2016 marooners

The developers, M2H, knocked it out of the park with Marooners when it comes to multiplayer mini-game madness. This game is the epitome of hectic and fun multiplayer matches. You’ll definitely be on the edge of your seat as you run, jump, and bash your way to victory. The concept is simple: collect more treasure than all other players to win. But what makes this game very special, and throws a complex spin on your plans to win, is that the mini-games will constantly be changing. You will continuously rotate games after 15-20 seconds or so, and eventually the cycle will repeat on a loop. If you die in one mini-game, the match is not over for you; when the games rotate again, you’ll be back in the action (presuming you haven’t also died on that particular mini-game). Marooners is definitely for any party game lovers out there, and the developers couldn’t have been nicer. They even allowed DKC Gaming to have exclusive first rights to announce the newest character to their game: Chumpi!

So there you have it!

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