Think of the Children – Insane Parenting Sim Out Now

An insane and frantic parenting simulator launched today in the form of the co-op adventure Think of the Children. It’s just another typical outing with the little ones. So, as they say, “READY!… SET!… PARENT!”

Hauled before the Court for bad parenting, the Prosecution presents a series of events that will either condemn or exonerate you: a park-side birthday party, the zoo, a camping trip, a somehow-unexpected visit to the Australian Outback, and more. Each of these locations are filled with dangerous hazards and are much more deadly than they sound. The game will have you teaming up with other parents or flying solo as a single parent, playing through each event in a flashback to prove your parenting skills to the judge, and avoid going to jail. Keep your kids alive while getting all of the tasks done, and you’re on your way to parenting victory!

Think of the Children

I actually just became a new Dad for the first time on October 12th. My wife and I should probably put our new pa

renting skills to the test with this game, for the good of Baby Kendo, yes?

Find the game on Steam now. Get a look at the launch trailer, here –



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