Super Treasure Arena- Review

First things first. Personally, I am a huge fan of pixel styled Indie games. The combination of adorable art and simple play style tends to lend itself well generally as a stand alone game. Over this week, I had a chance to play HeadUpGames‘ newest project: Super Treasure ArenaWith the lovely help of fellow editor JoMoDo, I’ve got all the info and play experience to let you all know the important question: is this game worth buying?

The Concept:

Super Treasure Arena is a multiplayer, arcade style action arena shooter.  Bring four friends and battle to either earn the most coins in “Classic” mode, or carry treasure back to your base in “Treasure Run” mode. Pick up items from the ground in order to help you take the victory, and watch out for the NPC monsters that are going to try and defeat you. The game heavily focuses on its multiplayer aspect, and- in a way- the idea of this game is almost similar to a mix between Legend of Zelda and Bomberman.


Game Features:

As mentioned above, the main focus of this game falls in its multiplayer. As such, some of the features include:

  • Playing locally against friends via split-screen
  • Online against other players
  • Against AI bots
  • Or a mix of anything above

Additionally, there’s a choice of 5 different characters to choose from, quite a few different maps to play from, and unique item drops each game to pick up and use.

Treasure Arena

Likes & Dislikes:

Here, unfortunately, we need to get to the “nitty gritty” in order to properly review this game. Starting with all the positives, this pixel styled arena shooter has one of the more unique concepts I’ve seen! With the right group of friends, Super Treasure Arena is a boatload of fun, laughs, and it quite possibly may ruin some friendships. The character and level designs are all aesthetically appealing, and the addition of an extra game mode really benefited this game. I personally had a great time playing in the “Treasure Run” mode, whereas I only played “Classic” mode a few times. Being able to change game modes kept my attention much longer than if there had only been one. supertreasurearena-winner

That being said, there are a few negatives that also come in to play. Despite the two game modes, I did find the replay-ability of this game rather lacking. If I’m not in the company of my friends, this game instantly loses much of it’s charm. Playing online or against AI really takes away from the game in my experience, so I wonder if having added a short single player campaign-with a small story- would increase the replay-ability of the game. The concept of the game itself is great, but without continuous and frequent updates, this game won’t last very long on a gamer’s “to play” list.Treasure Arena

Score: 6/10

Overall, if you have a fun group of friends who like to get competitive, Super Treasure Arena will be a lot of fun! It’s simple enough for casual play for those that don’t have hours to spend gaming, and clear in its directions. If you are the type that looks for a deep story line, intricate designs, and hours of gameplay on end, then this game isn’t for you. Still debating? Check out the trailer below!



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