Splatoon Pirates vs Ninjas Splatfest Announced for North America

It looks like the legendary debate has now entered our beloved Squid-shooter: a Splatoon Pirates vs Ninjas Splatfest has been announced for North American players. The Splatfest will commence at 9pm PST on October 30th, ending on Halloween.

Already I am thinking of historical match-ups… BlackBeard vs. Bruce Lee, Tetra vs. Shiek, Luffy vs. Naruto… And I can’t help but recall a few South Park ninja quotes as well. It’s a no-brainer for me; Vanilla Ice and TMNT taught me well, it’s #teamninja all the way!!!

Splatoon Pirates vs Ninjas Splatfest debate

The Debate has already begun on Reddit’s /r/Splatoon

But go ahead and pick Team Pirates, just remember: you can’t hit what you can’t see. Also keep in mind that Win percentages now have been increased to account for a multiplier of 6 instead of 4, so the popular team vote is starting to not have as much significance. Skill will be the deciding factor; choose your alliance wisely!

...and so it begins



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