Splatoon North American Splatfest Revealed: Burgers vs. Pizza

If you could have just one of these for the rest of your life, which would you have: Burgers, or Pizza?

This is the real issue of life worth debating. You might say, “Pizza can allow for many more toppings,” but another could retort, “But there are many different kinds of Burgers, with many different toppings as well!” It’s honestly too hard to choose.

But Splatoon and Nintendo of America are ready for you to make that choice in the next North American Splatoon Burgers vs. Pizza Splatfest for this coming Friday, December 4th.

Splatoon Burgers vs. Pizza Splatfest

So what shall it be, America? Both Burgers and Pizza have had claims of invention dating back to as far as the 1880s; a burger is around 354 calories, a slice of pizza is about 285 (those amounts dependent on sizes and toppings, of course), and the debate goes back to almost a decade ago on Yahoo Answers regarding which is healthier.

Let your allegiance be known, and either way, we’ll all just be eating junk food in the end. My vote is probably with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their love for Pizza, but I’ve been known by friends and family to have an obsession with Big Macs as well… this will be my toughest Splatfest decision ever.



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