Splatoon North American Naughty vs Nice Splatfest Announced!

The next North American Splatoon brawl theme is announced, and it will be a Naughty vs Nice Splatfest! Literally, the theme is Naughty vs. Nice… See the Tweet from Nintendo of America below –


The North American Naughty vs Nice Splatfest will be the same as other N.A. Splatfests of the past:
It will begin on Friday, and end late on Saturday. It will commence at 9pm Pacific. It will have a map rotation of three stages.

Personally I will be devastated if “Team Nice” loses, as it will certainly back up the old adage: “Nice squids finish last”
And as a person who has always tried to do good simply for the sake of it being good, there’s no way I could pick “Team Naughty”

So which team will you be aligning with? Team Presents in your Stockings? or Team Coal? And for anyone who is keeping track, so far, here are the winning teams of every North American Splatfest up until this point –
Roller Coasters
(of these teams, I was personally only on 3 of them… so you know which team to avoid during Splatfests, it would seem)



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