Splatoon Naughty vs. Nice Splatfest Results

In a highly-predictable Splatfest result, it is Team Naughty who took the victory in last weekend’s Splatoon naughty vs. nice event. Here is the score breakdown – splatoon naughty vs. nice results

With Team Nice being the more popular of the two, there were many Nice vs. Nice battles (which ultimately do nothing to further the team’s score in a Splatfest). It is obviously clear that whatever team this author chooses is the one you should stay away from in all future Splatfests.

Congratulations to Team Naughty for pulling out a victory in the Splatoon Naughty vs. Nice Splatfest, but remember, you’ll all be receiving a fat piece of coal in your stockings… but it certainly confirms the old adage I referenced in our previous Splatoon Naughty vs. Nice article, “Nice Squids finish last” when it comes to Splatfests.



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