Splatoon Leak Shows amiibo Costumes as New Gear for your Inkling

Looks like your amiibo will finally have some new functionality in the future, if the leak on Twitter user @NWPlayer123 is valid –
splatoon ness amiibo costume

Get ready to have your own Sonic spikes atop your Inkling’s head (if you own the Sonic amiibo, that is), or whatever your amiibo gear of choice may be! And according to the screenshot above, it looks as though the amiibo will unlock 3 different types of gear per amiibo: a hat, a shirt, and shoes. Presumably we’ll be able to mix and match, so you could wear your striped Ness shirt with Sonic spikes on your head and Donkey Kong feet!

We’ll see if this leak becomes reality in the coming weeks, but go ahead and comment on what combinations you would be using with your amiibo costume gear.



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