Splatoon: Hammerhead Bridge Map Overview

The newest Splatoon map “Hammerhead Bridge” was added to the rotation of stages yesterday and it is a map that is mostly straight-forward. It is a giant bridge over the ocean that is currently under construction. As the Squid Research Lab puts it:
“Verticality is a feature of the stage, with the terrain split into two distinct layers. Ink assaults can come from any direction, but watch out for attacks originalfrom above or below gratings in the floor or ceiling in particular. Battles here are sure to be dynamic affairs playing out in all corners of the stage.”

The most important aspect they mentioned seems to be the verticality (is that a word?); after playing the map once, it is very evident. Imagine a long and thin map basically the size of the Arowana Mall stage, but with a grated chain-link floored bridge running mostly through one end of the map to the other. In essence, this bridge-over-a-bridge can be vital to some interesting strategies, as you’ll be able to ink down at your opponents below through the grated chain-link flooring. Consequently, players below the grated floor will be able to shoot up at unsuspecting squids (or kids) while they’re traveling across the bridge.

original2 The bottom layer, right below the grated bridge, contains many platforms of varying height, several nooks and crannies for Inklings to hide and strike at the perfect moment, and there are ways to reach the top layer scattered throughout. The bottom layer makes up most of the map.

Even Callie and Marie were excited about the announcement of “Hammerhead Bridge” so go check it out next time you fire up your game!
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