Splatoon Global Fancy vs Costume Splatfest Results!

Alright alright! The Splatoon Fancy vs Costume Splatfest Results are in, and they make this author extremely happy… in a very close match-up of black ties vs hot dog suits, the results are below –

Fancy vs Costume Splatfest ResultsVery few Splatfests result in a clean sweep where popular votes and win percentage line up on one side in the end. These Fancy vs Costume Splatfest Results show, however, that Team Fancy not only was the most popular, but also won the most amount of battles. In what is perhaps one of the most closest Splatfest events thus far, both teams did wonderfully. But I’ll just say, I am beyond ecstatic that my Splatfest team won for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-many-Splatfests.

So great job Squilliam FancySquids, Iggy Squidzaleas, and Downton Inklings; you’ve proven that fancy folk can still kick some tentacles. Thank you!



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