Splatoon Gets New Tri-Slosher Weapon Tonight 9/25/2015

Nintendo has taken to its social media pages to promote the newest weapon being added to the Splatoon armory: the “Tri-Slosher

The regular “Slosher” weapon is a powerful bucket without rapid-fire capabilities. The Tri-Slosher will essentially be the same, but the bucket contains three separate openings, causing the ink to disperse into three separate, weaker sloshes. 20150925_021955_thumbThis will cover a wider area than the standard Slosher, but you’ll sacrifice some power and potentially some accuracy. It will come with the Disruptor sub-weapon and the Bubbler special. At 7,500 coins and a level 9 minimum for purchasing, it will hopefully prove to be a powerful asset to those who use it.

Look for the Tri-Slosher in your game starting at 7pm PT/9pm Central/10pm Eastern on September 25th, 2015. I can’t wait to try it out, and hopefully soon test it on some Octolings while wearing my Splatoon amiibo gear, perhaps?




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