Splatoon Early Bird vs Night Owl Splatfest Announced for North America

If you wake up and get to work early, you will succeed… at least that’s what they say. But what about “The dove sleeps fast that this night-owl will catch” as a potential philosophy? Those who are early to rise or those who stay up late will not only have opposing philosophies, but they will also now be on opposing sides in the next Splatoon Early Bird vs Night Owl Splatfest.

Splatoon Early Bird vs Night Owl Splatfest

Yes, the next Splatoon event pits the overachievers with the oversleepers. The truth is, we actually have very little control over whether we’re a night or a morning person. Research has shown that the preference is almost entirely genetically determined, and that being a night owl or early bird is passed down through a family member. A look into the origins of the phrases “Early Bird” and “Night Owl,” however, yields some interesting results. The early bird origin lies in the phrase: “The Early Bird catches the worm” basically meaning whoever arrives first has the best chance of success. This is first recorded in John Ray’s A collection of English proverbs 1670, 1678: “The early bird catcheth the worm.”

The “Night Owl” phrase was originally just a synonym for ‘owl’ but figuratively is used as a reference to people rather than owls. This reference began in the 16th century. Shakespeare used it in 1594 in the narrative poem The Rape of Lucrece:

This said, his guilty hand pluck’d up the latch,
And with his knee the door he opens wide.
The dove sleeps fast that this night-owl will catch:
Thus treason works ere traitors be espied.

But hey, surely all you’re concerned with is which team to choose in the Splatoon Early Bird vs Night Owl Splatfest. So what’s it going to be, everyone? Team Worm-Eaters, or Team Procrastinators? Team Early Bird (from Angry Birds’ movie) or Team Blathers (from Animal Crossing)? Team Early Bird or Team Night Owl… you decide!



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