Splatoon Callie vs Marie Splatfest Results

In the quest to find out who is the best Squid Sister, the Callie vs Marie Splatfest in Splatoon has come to an end. Not only does this mark the end of this particular Splatfest, but also of Splatfests in general. Nintendo announced before the Callie vs Marie Splatfest that this would be the last of the events. Perhaps with the transition from Wii U over to (codename) NX, this was the best move, but I personally am very sad that the Splatfests are officially over. Anyway, on to the results for the Callie vs Marie Splatfest –

Callie vs Marie Splatfest results

Yes, it appears as though Team Marie won by a small margin, taking the victory in the final Splatfest. Who knows if things will ever be the same between these two smack-talking sisters. All players should remember to go collect Sea Snails as your reward for participating and/or winning the ‘fest, as this will be your last time to do so. A big thank you to our readers who have been following these Splatfest-related posts on DKCgaming.com over the last year.

And now, a beautiful Miiverse image to send us off –




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