Sailor Moon Crystal Confirmed for Season 3!

Many Sailor Moon fans were ecstatic when “Sailor Moon Crystal” was announced to air and bring back many nostalgic feelings of the original series, additionally bringing new animation and extended plot to an already loved adventure! While season one soared with success, the hype of the show faded as season two aired. It was a mystery whether the Crystal series was to continue, at least, until the official Sailor Moon site revealed the green-lit project soon to be season 3!

Fans alike will be anxiously anticipating the series, wondering if this season will improve the series, or squeeze every inch of publicity and profit the show’s name can bring in. There is not yet information posted of any release date or specifications, only that the project is in the works. It is too soon to tell; all that’s left is to keep an ear out for more details to come!

Sailor Moon Crystal



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