“Riddle Story Of Devil!” Main English Cast Revealed!

Any fans of the show “Riddle Story Of Devil”? Well hold your breath, because FUNimation has just released the main cast for the English rendition of the show on their website! The DVD/Blu-Ray will be available for purchase on December 8th of 2015, but is up for pre-order on Amazon and other locations. Right now, let’s take a look at the cast lineup!

On Thursday, Sept. 24th, FUNimation announced Caitlin Glass will be directing the show, as well as five new cast members not revealed on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week!

Monica Rial will play Chitaru Namatame
Natalie Hoover will play Hitsugi Kirigaya

Riddle Story Of Devil

Mikaela Krantz will play Mahiru/ Shinya Banba
Bryn Aprill will play Sumireko Hanabusa
Lauren Landa will play Nio Hashiri

Riddle Story Of Devil

The rest of the main cast was revealed this past Tuesday and Wednesday; let’s take a look!

Morgan Berry will play Tokaku Azuma

Alexis Tipton will play Haru Ichinose

Anastasia Munoz will play Shiena Kenmochi

Colleen Clinkenbeard will play Otoya Takechi

Carli Mosier will play Haruki Sagae

Jamie Marchi will play Isuki Inukai

Clarine Harp will play Kouko Kaminaga

Michelle Rojas will play Suzu Shuto

Riddle Story Of Devil Shiena Otoya Haruki Isuke Kouko Suzu


It is still to be determined how successful the show will be, but with FUNimation’s remarkable track record, I have high expectations for the quality of production the show will have! Tune in for a review of the show once the dub has been released!




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