Pokemon Direct Highlights and Recap!

With the official Pokemon 20th anniversary date coming tomorrow, February 27th, 2016, fans knew there had to be SOMETHING big coming our way in terms of a new and exciting game of some sorts. Luckily, today’s Pokemon Direct, although rather short, didn’t disappoint in that regard. Let’s take a quick second to recap all of the major parts of the Nintendo Direct if you missed it!

The Direct starts with the original GameBoy start sequence, a great intro for all those long time fans out there. Ishihara, the President of the Pokemon Company, fades onto the screen from Game Boy graphics into reality and leads the presentation. Woo!

He states that February 27th, 1996 marks the release date of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. 20 years later, it’s amazing to see how much the hardware has evolved (haha, get it?). With such new innovative technology, we’ve gotten to see our favorite Pokemon worlds in such beautiful graphics!
 That being said, let’s celebrate with…
Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon SUN AND MOON!!! *cue the hype*
Coming Holiday Season, 2016!
With PokeSun and Moon, there are more languages, like Traditional and Simplified Chinese, creating 9 languages total.
Have you settled down from the excitement? Great, now the direct closes with some additional news.
Red, Blue, and Yellow are available as digital distributions on the eShop tomorrow.
GBA was the first platform where you could bring a Pokemon you caught over to new hardware. Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are now coming to the 3DS, and were unable to transfer back in the days of the original Game Boy, so that’s why they’re happy to announce that the new Red, Blue, and Yellow are taking advantage of Pokemon Bank, so you can bring them to Pokemon Sun and Moon.


What do you guys think of the announcement? Some are ecstatic, others are disappointed that this is all the 20th anniversary is going to get. Personally, I’m just happy to see a new generation of Pokemon hit the 3Ds! Let us know in the comments what you guys think!


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