PAX East Close Up: Tumblestone

At PAX East 2016, representatives of DKCGaming had the chance to dive into the Show Floor and check out a ton of new and upcoming games. Among all of the innovative indie games present at PAX, one of my personal favorites falls on Ty Taylor’s Tumblestone. To keep a long story short, it was a solid, fun, and competitive game! Now that we’ve established that, let’s get some more concrete details in.

This game calls for Steph's extremely serious face! DKCGaming Editors and friends all took this game very seriously!
This game calls for Steph’s extremely serious face! DKCGaming Editors and friends all took this game very seriously!

The Concept:

Tumblestone’s single-player and 4-player multiplayer platform takes the unique idea of an “action-puzzle” game and really makes it work! Whether you are solving puzzles while following the story mode or racing your friends to be the first one to solve the puzzle, you’re in for an adrenaline rush. If you like the idea of challenging yourself to creative puzzles that get increasingly more difficult as you go on, this may just be your cup of tea.

Game Features:

Although the PAX East play demo didn’t have all of the features to this game, the trusty official Tumblestone website provides us with all of the promised game features for the 2016 release date! The following features include:

  • Competitive multiplayer: Tumblestone’s intense puzzle-solving action will turn playing “just a few more rounds” with friends into a late-night Tumblestone marathon.
  • Local multiplayer: Up to four players on a single computer or console.
  • Online multiplayer: Play online against your friends or make new ones using Tumblestone’s ranked matchmaking system.
  • Bots: Have an open slot? Play against the computer. But can anyone withstand the punishing Nightmare bot?
  • Story mode: The 30+ hour story campaign will test your puzzle-solving prowess. Featuring 10+ gameplay modifiers, challenge puzzles, and boss battles.
  • Arcade modes: Kick back and relax with the casual Marathon mode, scratch an intellectual itch with the Infinipuzzle mode, or get your blood pumping with the fast-paced Heartbeat mode.
  • Leaderboards: Online leaderboards let your friends know you’re better than them.
  • Challenges: Hundreds of unique challenges to complete.
  • Stats: Rank up, then compare how you stack up against your friends.
  • Personalization: Choose from a dozen unique characters and environments.


Overall Thoughts:

Overall, each one of us really enjoyed playing Tumblestone! It’s not every day we get to see an action-puzzle game, and this game right here shows how to properly combine the genres. Of course, the true test of this game’s merit will come this Summer when the game officially releases on Steam, XBox, Playstation, Wii-U, Android, and iOS! There will be a multitude of opportunities to try the game, but until then, be sure to check out the Tumblestone page and the trailer below!



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