One Upon Light – Review (PC)

One Upon Light brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “don’t go towards the light“. Well, perhaps “don’t go towards the light” isn’t the proper term here. It’s more like, “don’t go into the light” because if one has light upon them, they find themselves very much…well, dead.

One Upon Light death2

One Upon Light Concept:

“Hey! Let’s go and harness the power of shadow! What could possibly go wrong?”

Just that everything could very well go terribly wrong, such as the once proud labs of Aurora Science are now nothing but ruins…oh, and that the rules of shadow and light no longer apply. In fact, you very well want to join the dark side of life, because being exposed to any form of light will bring you to your knees and make you see a whole new kind of light.

But unfortunately for you, you wake up in Aurora Science’s labs with no memory of who you are and what you’re doing there. You have no choice but to explore the labs, but there’s a bit of a problem – you guessed it, there’s lights everywhere waiting for you to step into the spotlight. Luckily for you, the further you venture out, the more answers you find, which help you reach all new levels.

Key Features:

  • Top-down puzzle gameplay sees you using the unique properties of light and shadow to explore and overcome obstacles.
  • Use switches, blocks, carts and other techniques to create shadows, blocking out the light that will otherwise end your adventure…
  • Use the power of the Shadow Echo to ‘record’ shadows as they appear, then use them to progress even if the real shadow vanishes.
  • Visually charming and inspired by classic black and white cartoons, One Upon Light is a true test of skill, brains and photophobia!

The Good and The Bad:

Good: One Upon Light’s puzzles have a nice “level up” system – you start off with the easy ones then slowly progress into the ‘kill me now’ ones later on. Game mechanics are sound; for example your character is fluid in his movements; you want to go one way then you’re going to go that way. If you need to push a crate across, no worries about being slowed down. You’re just going to push or pull it across like it weighs nothing (and hey, for all we know maybe it doesn’t weigh anything)! Also, you’re never really left questioning on where you need to go next or what your objective is. Yes, you need to find out how to get there or how to use what’s given to you, but it’s nice to not have to worry about going around in circles endlessly on top of everything. Graphics are visually pleasing, and while I typically prefer to have some soundtrack or other playing in the background of my games, the lack of noise makes the setting more real – a nice touch to the overall game. OuL_Screen_03

Bad: This may be more of a personal preference, but while you maintain fluid control of your character, there is a downside to his movements…he’s a bit on the slow side. You maintain the same speed throughout the game, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the pace you were going at. Perhaps it causes it to have a more of a challenge or realistic appeal; but I would also argue that if you know that you’re going to die when any form of light touches you, and there’s a beam that’s hanging above swinging back and forth that you have to pass, then you would either walk faster or hey, maybe even run for it so you won’t be hit. Especially when touched by the light, you get two seconds to escape and you’re incredibly slowed down. But when looking at the challenging aspect, then yes, goal was well completed. Timing is certainly key, and that’s great! But when you die many times from lack of perfect (and I mean perfect) timing then it can get to be a bit frustrating after a while.

Score: 7/10

Overall, whether for the “casual” or “hardcore” puzzle solvers, One Upon Light would be enjoyed by all.

One Upon Light is now available on Steam and Playstation 4 for $11.99!



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