Office Freakout Review

You clock in every Monday through Friday, and then you clock out after working that 9 to 5 job… but jobs aren’t even really 9 – 5, in general; if you work full time, it’s more likely that you’re working something like 8 – 5 or 9 – 6. Boy, just thinking about this makes me want to rage, and indie developer “Hollow Robot LLC” has just the game to satisfy any office-induced flights of rage.

Enter: Office Freakout


Office Freakout Concept

You are disgruntled employee “Philbert,” and you have been slaving away your entire life. You have been dealing with tedious (TPS?) reports, spreadsheets, torturous data entry, and all of the office drama reminiscent of a particular work-life film from 1999. After putting your entire life into this soul-sucking company, you get the notice that you’re fired (to be fair, you didn’t know that you weren’t allowed to sleep on the job because you were too busy reviewing games and working tirelessly to satisfy 153,700+ subscribers on YouTube because you work only to achieve perfection and have major insecurities that people I’ve never actually met in real life won’t like me if I don’t make every little detail just right) — this sends you into a fit of pure Hulk-like rage, in a game that allows you to bash, crash, and destroy the entire office. Climb up that corporate ladder to show those suits the true meaning of a “hostile takeover!”

office freakout e for soda

Office Freakout Key FeaturesOffice Freakout - rage

  • Annihilate up to 90% of the environment.
  • Fill your Rage bar based on the trail of destruction you leave behind.
  • Unlock valuable pieces of Gold Poo in every level.
  • Destroy everything in sight with a universal pickup/melee system.
  • Customize your office With color/patterns unlockables.
  • Unlock new weapons and character skins!
  • Build up your points using a dynamic points calculator based on object mass and velocity.

Overall Likes and Dislikes

The Good – I definitely love the old-school animations reminiscent of the 40s or other old-timey eras; you’ll see them play for most of the tutorial types of videos, along with some of the load screen “cinematics” before starting levels. But aside from that fun detail, I also appreciate any game that allows one to destroy your average office environment. Many of us have had those horrible times working our 9 to 5 (8 to 5/9 to 6), so this is the kind of game that is good for just unloading some of those feelings in a way that is constructive and playful in the real world, but obviously destructive and satisfying in the game’s world. It should also be said that almost anything in the office can be used to destroy the desks, computers, and other office accoutrements… this is clearly to the game’s credit.

The Bad – The game felt a little slow and too precise when grabbing items with a controller, specifically. Destroying things in a continuous run, gaining and maintaining momentum as you go, should be intuitive and easy when using a controller, but Office Freakout is occasionally clunky and/or sticky with the mechanics of using office items to destroy other office items.

There were also a few various bugs in Office Freakout. An example is one occurrence where the sweet menu tunes were playing at the same time as the hardcore level-end tune (which is not supposed to happen, if that wasn’t clear), and the overlapping of those two over each other was akin to hammering a nail into my ear. The game’s load times were also a bit inconsistent, but often leaves you wondering if the game is frozen or buggy. I have a $5,000+ new Alienware from 2015 with some incredible hardware, and Google Fiber, so it is quite rare that I lag from my own equipment.

office freakout-loading-too-long
Am I still loading?


6 out of 10!!!

Office Freakout is good for exactly what the title says it is: an office freakout. Nothing more, nothing less. At the price point of $5.99, it is certainly worth trying out, but just don’t expect destruction like Rampage games of old, or anything. Pick up Office Freakout on Steam, available now!



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