Nyko Released Charge Base and Thin Case for Nintendo Switch

Nyko Technologies, an amazing console accessories manufacturer, launched the new Charge Base and Thin Case for the Nintendo Switch. These two products are among several helpful accessories already offered by Nyko for your Nintendo Switch gaming experience. The Charge Base is a Type-C charging dock that can store and charge the Nintendo Switch and two Joy-Cons, making it a good secondary charging station. The Thin Case accessory protects the exterior of the Switch and Joy-Con without adding much weight or bulk, resulting in a very portable solution with a tempered-glass screen protector to prevent most kinds of damage that your console could potentially face normally.

Charge Base key features:

  • Conveniently stores and charges the Nintendo Switch and two Joy-Con
  • Plugs into any wall outlet to recharge
  • Serves as a secondary charging dock
  • Acts as a stand while the Nintendo Switch is charging

Thin Case key features:

  • Protects the exterior of the Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons
  • Allows Joy-Cons to be removed while Thin Case is attached
  • Can remain attached while docking the Nintendo Switch
  • Includes one tempered glass screen protector

The Charge Base and Thin Case accessories are now available at GameStop, Amazon and Nyko.com for $29.99 and $12.99, respectively.



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