North American Splatoon Splatfest Results Pirates vs. Ninjas

YARRRR! It looks like Pirates easily overtook #teamninjas in the Pirates vs. Ninjas North American Splatfest.

Here are the Splatoon Splatfest Results –
splatfest pvn results

An analysis of these numbers shows one immediately obvious thing: Ninjas are *waaaaay* more popular (in a result I was not initially expecting until I jumped into the game and played Ninjas vs. Ninjas matches almost all night)… I always thought Pirates won the public’s heart in the debate of old, even though we all know Ninjas would easily win in a fight; you can’t hit what you can’t see.

Pirates win
The Pirates are happy with these results, but there are so few of them that most players are sad after last Splatfest

The win multiplier changed from x4 to x6 for this Splatfest, but even with an x4 multiplier, the Pirates would probably have won. But when you consider that there so vastly were many more Ninjas than Pirates, us on #teamninjas were statistically more likely to have un-skilled players on our team, and also statistically more likely to have our “good players” caught up in matches against ourselves (in Ninjas vs. Ninjas matches) very often. After my own Splatoon Splatfest Live Stream, I deduced that I only played maybe 3 or 4 Pirates vs. Ninjas matches out of nearly 10-20 total matches played the entire night. In an unfortunate predicament, the chances of Ninjas winning was very slim.

r splatoon comments
Some of the /r/splatoon comments on the Splatfest

In other news, the Splatfest was held during Halloween night, and any “Splatoon Halloween” Google search (or look at your Facebook feed, most likely) will show that Splatoon was quite popular for Halloween costumes, pumpkin carvings, etc.



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