North American Splatoon Red vs Blue Splatfest Results

Everything I touch dies, in the world of Splatfesting. In the most recent Splatoon Red vs Blue Splatfest, players were to decide whether or not they prefer Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue. Even though we all know Pokemon Red is the superior version, it was Team Blue who came out on top in the Red vs Blue Splatfest –

red vs blue splatfest NA results
Team Blue must have had some X Attack

This Splatfest win backs up a theory that this author has concocted based on previous Splatfest team victories. It seems to be general chatter amongst /r/Splatoon redditors, and squids from all over, that the theory goes: “I did incredible, but my team was awful.” So the meat of the theory could suggest that whenever a team is overwhelmingly the popular choice, like #teamred was in this Red vs Blue Splatfest for example, there may be plenty of great players on the team getting cancelled out by the floods of newbies. But another interesting note is that according to some posts on the Splatoon subreddit, it would seem that European regions also suffered the same fate with a #teamred loss –

Red vs Blue Splatfest PAL results
Further confirming the Popularity vs. Wins theory

We don’t know what will be the next Splatfest theme, but surely we will in a few weeks, and we will all be faced with the familiar decision: which side do we choose?
All I know, however, is that this Red vs Blue Splatfest apparently must’ve looked like this from the outside – charmander running

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