North American Splatoon Past vs Future Splatfest Results

The North American Splatoon Past vs Future Splatfest Results are in, and let’s just say, they are in-line with every past Splatfest I’ve participated in –


Yes. This author here (that’s me) is Splatfest Win REPELLENT. I do amazing, as evidenced by my live streams of Splatoon, but it is never enough. Constant chatter on often will also reflect the “I did incredible, but my team sucked” mindset. Obviously, this begs the question, “If this is really true for so many people, then why aren’t the results different?” Well, one theory could be that whenever a team is overwhelmingly the popular choice, like #teamfuture in this ‘fest for example, there may be plenty of great players on the team getting cancelled out by the floods of newbies. There also could be a case for the argument that even if it is many individuals who say they are constantly winning for their Splatfest team, the overall chances of that team winning the entire Splatfest can’t be dramatically increased by individuals who are good; no, it must be the team as a whole who wins, and if the Splatfest teams were more balanced in popularity, maybe the Splatfest win percentages would be a lot closer.

One personal difference in this Splatfest from my end was that I called upon my YouTube gaming audience to pick a team for me. It took a lot of pressure off in deciding which team to pick in a Splatfest like this with two excellent themed sides. Surely I will take to this strategy again, even if it resulted in a loss this one time.



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