No Man’s Sky Steam Page Under Investigation

The No Man’s Sky Steam Page is currently under investigation for false advertisement.

Despite some players enjoying the game, No Man’s Sky has been the subject of controversy since its launch on Playstation 4 and Steam on August 9th and 12th 2016 respectively.  This is due to the lack of parity between pre-release footage (See E3 2014 Trailer below) of the game and the fidelity of the product received by the masses, despite promotional material continuing to be misleading.

After receiving several complaints regarding the Steam page for No Man’s Sky, The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), an independent regulator for advertising in media based in the U.K., has reported and confirmed to multiple sources that they are conducting an investigation. The investigation includes materials used to promote the game such as screenshots, videos, and the Steam Store Page in general.

Reddit user AzzerUK, who issued a formal complaint to the ASA, has posted ASA’s response in the No Mans Sky Reddit Page  which lists specific items under investigation.

At the time of this writing, no official word has been stated by Hello Games.



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