Nintendo Direct Returns on November 12th!

The long-awaited Nintendo Direct returns on November 12th, where Nintendo say they will be giving updates on upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases. The last Nintendo Direct that fans got to see was back in June, during E3 2015. Readers may recall a series of internet-backlash and scrutiny from viewers on that last Direct, but sadly, it was the last Direct that we ever got to see Satoru Iwata in as one of the hosts.


Being that this will be the first Nintendo Direct since the late Iwata’s passing, fans wonder if we will see an appearance by Nintendo’s new CEO, Tatsumi Kimishima. In the first quarter with Kimishima as CEO, Nintendo has seen Wii U sales increase by a small margin (although it makes you wonder, was that due to all the Iwata brought from beforehand, with releases like Super Mario Maker, which sold very well for a Wii U title). Surely we will still see the usual cast of beloved characters in the form of Reggie Fils-Aime and Bill Trinen, perhaps along with developers from some of the games that will be shown off.

Not only does the news of this new Nintendo Direct pose questions about who will be hosting it, but also questions about what games we will see updates for. The clear buzz among Nintendo fans has been for more updates on the future Wii U Legend of Zelda title, but fans are also wondering what else we might be seeing for the upcoming holiday season. The only ‘major’ Wii U title we’ve seen announced between now and Christmas is Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, but Nintendo have said that there will be other titles announced for the holidays!

Hopefully we will find out the answers to any questions and concerns mentioned here, and possibly more, when we view the Nintendo Direct on November 12th at 2pm PT!



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