Next Splatoon Sand Castles vs Snowman Splatfest Announced for North America

The next Splatoon event was announced for North America, and it appears to be a battle of Sand Castles vs Snowman Splatfest teams. This Splatfest asks players: “Which would you rather build? A Sand Castle or a Snowman?” Let the ‘Frozen’ references fly, of course, but players should certainly weigh both options with care.

Sand Castles vs Snowman Splatfest

For anyone still on the fence about which team to pick in the Sand Castles vs Snowman Splatfest, consider the following fun facts:

Sand Castle building is often believed to have begun in ancient Egypt, where Egyptians used sand models to outline the design of pyramids before beginning the actual construction. The art of building sand castles becomes more prevalent, however, in the late 19th century. One of the earliest documented sand sculptures on-record comes from a man named Philip McCord, who made a sand sculpture of a woman and a baby in 1897 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This was a money-making attraction, and thus, was documented somewhat thoroughly.

Trying to identify any documentation of the first snowman is arduous. Bob Eckstein, author of The History of the Snowman, however, documented snowmen from medieval times, by researching artistic depictions in European museums, art galleries, and libraries. Other accounts claim that snowmen date back as far as the Upper Paleolithic period (between 40,000 – 10,000 years ago), where the population was entrenched in an Ice Age and certain pieces of art were created from the cold environment.

Either way, followers of DKC Gaming know that I am often victory-repellent when it comes to Splatfests. It’s the common story of “I did great, but my team was awful” that we can all see regularly on the Splatoon Sub-Reddit. So this will be a Splatfest that I allow my readers to pick for me, and I will also receive input from my DrKendoCommentaries YouTube audience. Sound off in the comments! Which team are you picking, and which one should I align with this time around?



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