Next Splatoon North American Past vs Future Splatfest Announced

Nintendo and the Squid Research Lab announced the next North American Splatoon Splatfest theme. Looks like we’ll be battling out to see where people would most like to travel in this Past vs Future Splatfest! If we back up just a bit; the question posed by the Squid Research Lab is “Would you rather travel to the past or the future?”

Past vs Future Splatfest

There are pros and cons to either side of this Past vs Future Splatfest… if you travel to the past, you can go see relatives or friends who may not be on this earth anymore, or you could stop bad things from happening (although some science fiction media of old has taught us that there are dire consequences to changing the events of the past). If you travel to the future, however, you can gain the knowledge of many life questions you might have, or you could see the coolest new technologies. Either way, the Research Lab also left us with some pros and cons of their own, below:

Past Pros:

  • Dinosaurs are totally sweet.
  • It’s easier to stay on your Paleo diet in the Paleolithic era.
  • Caveman fashion was pretty fresh, assuming The Flintstones is an accurate documentation.

Past Cons:

  • Dinosaurs might eat you.
  • No burgers OR pizza.
  • Your mom might ask you to be her date to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

Future Pros:

  • Your best friend could be a robot.
  • Holodecks provide hours of entertainment, all without needing to leave your house!
  • Transportation potentially seems cooler: Rocketships? Scotty beaming you up?

Future Cons:

  • Robots might have gained intelligence and decided they’re not friendly.
  • What happens if your transporter makes a mistake and mixes you up with someone else? I think we’ve all seen The Fly enough times to know what could happen…
  • All food now comes in the form of an affordable and widely available pill, BUT IT’S ONLY AVAILABLE IN SQUID FLAVOR. “

I’m personally going to let my YouTube audience vote for which side I join in the end, but sound off in the comments below and let your opinion be heard. Which team you will join in the Past vs Future Splatfest?
#teamjurassic or #teamrobottakeover



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