Splatoon Fancy vs Costume Splatfest Announced Globally

Live, from the Squid Research Lab, there is new information about the newly-announced Splatoon Fancy vs Costume Splatfest!!! The next Splatoon Splatfest theme is brought to us by Miitomo, Nintendo’s relatively new mobile app. So, this new Splatoon event begs the question:

Would you rather go to fancy party or a costume party?

Splatoon Fancy vs Costume Splatfest
Splatoon Fancy vs Costume Splatfest – Go to the plaza and vote now!

So what’s it going to be? Five Nights at Splatoon, or Downton Inklings? Hannah SplatMontana or Squilliam FancySquid? Iggy Squidzalea or Cosplaying Inklings? And because this is a party, the Splatoon Fancy vs Costume Splatfest will be held simultaneously in all regions! For the first time ever, players in all regions will be matched up to play in Splatfast – and the results will be global.

The Splatoon Fancy vs Costume Splatfest party starts 5/13 at 8 PM PT and ends at 3 AM PT on 5/15.

It’s our party, we can do what we want… so what choice will you make?!




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