New Pokemon Direct Announced for February 26th

Nintendo of America’s Twitter profile has sent a message via homing-Pidgey to let us know that a new Pokemon Direct will be airing at the end of this week. The Direct comes in the wake of this year being Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, and of course, new Pokemon games on the horizon. Fans surely expect to see some last-minute updates on Pokken Tournament, the Pokemon Fighting game cross-over by Nintendo and Tekken’s teams, as well as perhaps some new features and updates relating to Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow being released for 3DS. And all of this is also following the Worldwide Pokemon Splatoon Splatfest which asked squids to pick sides and determine the superior version: Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue. Of course, those of you following DKCgaming’s constant stream of Splatoon-related news will know that it was Team Blue who came out on top, in the end. The past year has been a haven for Pokemon-related news and announcements. 2016 has also seen the release of a brand new Pokemon!

noa tweet

Other than the known upcoming Pokemon titles, fans speculate there will be some sort of additional announcement(s). Talk of bringing Pokemon Snap and/or Stadium to the Wii U Virtual Console service is brewing on the /r/wiiu sub-reddit, along with hopes of a brand new Open-world Pokemon game for Wii U, specific updates on Pokemon Go, a Pokemon Z announcement, and a Detective Pikachu voiced by Danny DeVito…

Only in due time will we know the answers to what this new Pokemon Direct holds, but fortunately, we only have to wait until this Friday. The Pokemon Direct will air at 7am PT on 2/26/16



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