New Ancho-V Games Map Drops Tonight in Splatoon

The final stage in Splatoon comes in the form of the Ancho-V Games map, releasing tonight, and it follows the addition of the final weapon released last week. The new Ancho-V Games map will be dropping at the following times –Ancho-V Games Map in Splatoon

– 6 PM PT (Thursday)
– 9 PM ET (Thursday)
– 2 AM in the UK (Friday)
– 3 AM in Europe (Friday)

It appears as though this new map is set in the offices of some squiddy game developers, with the official Squid Research Lab tumblr pointing to the makers of “Squid Jump.” An interesting mechanic for this level is the big PC fans, which can be splatted to move certain sections of the floor. See the images below to find out how you can use these fans to gain the high ground over your opponents.

Ancho-V Games Map fan vertical Ancho-V Games Map fan horizontal

See you on the new Ancho-V Games map tonight!



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