Move or Die Viewers vs Streamers Update Coming Soon!

A new update comes to the friendship-ruining game, Move or Die, very soon this week. The new Move or Die Viewers vs Streamers update builds on the idea of ruining friendships, by now allowing viewers of their favorite Twitch streamers to ruin their relationships too!

Twitch viewers influence game Move or Die Viewers vs Streamers
Twitch viewers can influence and effect the match in the new Move or Die Viewers vs Streamers update

The Move or Die Viewers vs Streamers update will include the new Twitch Mode, additional Game Modes and Mutators, and new characters (including a Move or Die version of the popular Shovel Knight). WheMove or Die Viewers vs Steamers Drop Bombsn the new content launches on April 29th, viewers will be able to directly interact with their livestreamers playing Move or Die in the “Viewers vs Streamers” update. Twitch Mode enables livestream viewers to pick the Move or Die game modes, and Mutator options they want to see streamers play. In addition, four mini-games exclusive only to Twitch Mode will give direct power to the viewers to throw bombs, fire lasers, and cause mayhem and wreak havoc to players in the stream. An example of this is typing a letter on the keyboard that corresponds with the spot the viewer wants to drop a bomb into the level. All streamers better be ready!

As a reminder, Move or Die is available now on Steam for $14.99. To learn more about the game, please visit, ‘Like’ it on Facebook, and follow its development on Twitter @moveordiegame for all the latest developer updates and news. This author had the pleasure of meeting Nicolae Berbece, founder and lead developer of Those Awesome Guys (studio behind Move or Die), at PAX East 2016. See the photo of the encounter below:

Move or Die mastermind, Nicolae Berbece
Dr.Kendo and Nicolae Berbece finally meet in-person at PAX East 2016!


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