Move or Die Mutators Update Coming this Thursday

Those Awesome Guys” have announced a free gameplay update for their hectic new multiplayer game Move or Die. Launching this Thursday, March 10th, the Move or Die Mutators update will add insane new gameplay options including jetpacks and double jumps, new official characters, two new game modes, and much more. If you don’t have some friendships to ruin, you are advised to quickly go make some for this new Move or Die Mutators update.


The Move Or Die Mutators Update includes the following:

  • Mutators Game Options: Spice up each of the game modes with new Mutators options with jetpacks, double jumping, skin swapping, death ghosts, and more. Mutators mix additional mechanics on top of the regular game modes for thousands of new ways to destroy friendships.MoveOrdie_ShiftyPlusLightsoff
  • New Characters: New official unlockable characters expanding all characters categories from Common to Rare – fans of waffles and smart fish be excited!
  • New Game Modes: Avoid the large moving spiky ball in Spike Ball and run to randomly changing safe zones while avoiding death tiles in Shifty Grounds.
  • New Map Levels: One of the most demanded requests from fans, new official map levels for game modes will be included — it’s time to master a new Speed Run level!
  • Active Score Tracking: The new Leading Player tracker has been added to games like Hat Chase, Color Craze, and Cleanup so players will clearly see who is leading during the game and by how much.
  • Multiple Local Players Online: The game now supports multiple local players on the same PC playing with different people online.

This game has been highly recommended by DKCgaming (read our Move or Die review), so please download your copy of the game today, on Steam. And why not check out some more modded characters created by our own Dr.Kendo?! –

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