Moonshot at PAX East – First Impressions

I’ll just come right out and say it – my colleagues and I had a blast playing Moonshot! Despite that absolutely indispensable pun, the game really is fun, and we went back for multiple hands-on sessions at PAX East last weekend.

Moonshot at PAX East 2016

Moonshot Concept

Moonshot is the child of a studio called Pump Action Games, which has proven with this title that they can drive end-to-end vision, stay focused, and make a great experience that is accessible to gamers from any part of the gaming world. The concept of Moonshot is relatively simple, in the best way; Moonshottry to think of a physics based tank death game with a play-style similar to Worms games. As you pilot your tank, your goal is to simply blast other players to get the most points by the end of the round. Set in a galaxy of many moons, you’re able to hover from moon to moon in order to either set up a better shot or evade enemy players. One thing I appreciated was that Moonshot did include the element of physics (like the rocket blast from your tank having a slight planetary curve as it traverses the gravitational pull around the moons), but it wasn’t hard at all for my colleagues and I to learn specifically how it was going to affect our shots. In other words, the physics of the game don’t require excessive thought as you make each shot, but you also will have a hard time winning if you’re just shooting all willy-nilly.

Playing Moonshot at PAX East
Okay, some context, I got sick on the plane over to Boston for PAX East… so yes, I look like death, but I still achieved victory in Moonshot

Players can blast bots to bits or rally some friends for 4-player local or online play in fast-paced, hectic and fun versus matches. The core mechanics are mostly intuitive to pick up but difficult to master, and weapon upgrades keep every match fresh. While I struggled just a bit with the controls when first putting the controller in my hand at PAX East, I quickly picked it up as I was immersed into the multiplayer match. It was exhilarating to try and find out how best to blast my opponents while they were also doing the same; and you can guess the results, but I’ll just post the results here anyway – this author had an epic come-from-behind victory in his first match, and then dominated his second during the PAX East weekend.

Now is the time to play!

The DKC Gaming friends and writers all loved this game and were welcomed with open arms by the developers at the booth. We all got the sense of accomplishment that Pump Action Games feels for their game, Moonshot, so it definitely has earned our recommendation. And not only that, but the game is 33% off on Steam all week to celebrate the fact that the game has added in online play! So please purchase the game here, and join in on the fun! Follow Moonshot on Facebook and Twitter as well to receive more information.



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