Moonlight Review – A Game by MonkeyMaw

Welcome to Moonlight – a game by MonkeyMaw!

Many would say you’re star-crossed lovers. That your love and desire for her is strange and that you should just give it up. But you can not forget her pale face, how she outshines anything surrounding her, or how she radiates even when facing total darkness. You can’t help but think about her constantly and every night you take the time to see her. You must see her. But you can not go to her. You can only watch from afar. But now…now you will find a way to her. A way to the moon.

Or at least, that’s what Kinubo wants to do.

Kinubo desire


In this short game, a little Lumpo named Kinubo desires to go to the moon. In fact, he’s been searching everywhere for a way! Along his journeys, he comes upon a village he hasn’t encountered before. He decides this would be a good place to ask around and see if anyone would know a way to the moon. But stranger danger!  The other Lumpos that already reside in the village aren’t too open at the idea of talking to this stranger. They rather keep to who they already know…aka, everyone but Kinubo. So what is little Kinubo to do? Why, earn their trust of course!

Moonlight brings forth charming interactions between characters on your quest to get their hats. That’s right, you heard me. You must collect their hats if you wish for the next Lumpo in line to trust you (though, I personally would want to collect their hats regardless of trust – I mean, look how cute I am). kinubo hat 2 But they’re not going to give you their hat because you offered your hand – er, lack of hands, in friendship, oh no…you must do a favor for them first. And the favors can range from platforming on bouncy bubbles to playing hide-and-go-seek. And as each request passes, you hope that the next Lumpo will bring you the answers you seek.




  • A peaceful and atmospheric environment!
  • A relaxing and beautiful soundtrack by Julio Kladniew!
  • A lighthearted and interesting story.
  • A smooth and fluid platforming engine, with bouncy mushrooms and bubbles!

The Good & The Bad

Again, put it simply, Moonlight is a very, very  short game. But it is also quite endearing and captivating that it greatly makes up for the lack of length. I loved going to each little Lumpo and finding all that they had to say before and after becoming friends with them.  I found interacting with each one to be quite humorous, and I was always thinking of funny ways  to respond back, such as getting in their face and saying “Whatcha say to me?” (I’m looking at you Tupelo). Kinubo funnyI surprisingly got a bit attached to each Lumpo I met, which made for my quest to travel to the moon bittersweet.

Each new friend had something different for you to do, so while the quest of “retrieve the next Lumpo’s hat” remains the same, you’re still really never doing the same over and over. That being said, Moonlight doesn’t have much replay value, at least not where you want to play it again right after (unless you’re like me and want to get any achievements missed). Still, I can see myself going back one day and checking how all my little buddies are doing while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere that this great game provides. Which (the atmosphere) is truly amazing. There were moments where I would just sit back and enjoy the tranquility of it all, from the soundtrack to the artwork.

Overall, I would recommend this game for any who is interested in a simple, but lovable game.

Score: 9/10



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  • March 7, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    Aww, thank you for the kind review. I’m absolutely elated that you enjoyed the game! You’re awesome, thank you again Jess, and I will be reading more of your reviews 🙂 Oh, and for your readers, I’ll be leaving some Steam keys with you as a gift.

    • JoMoDo
      March 7, 2016 at 4:46 pm

      Oh wow, thank you sooo much! 😀 I’m very excited that we can now help others experience your wonderful game! Thanks for the support, keep rocking! 😀

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