Megalo Polis Review: the All-Too-Real Fictional Game of U.S. Politics

A topic everyone feels comfortable talking rationally about: politics. Since I’ve now gotten your attention with an incredibly un-factual statement, allow me to introduce to you the game Megalo Polis. This game gives you a taste of the insanity of politics by tossing you onto the political trail, where overselling unrealistic promises and engineering scandals to become the next President of the United States of America is your mission. In Megalo Polis, your job is to play as one of the game’s presidential candidates, whether they can legally run or not… Choose between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz. Declare yourself a Republican or Democrat and then compete against three opposing candidates.

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Megalo Polis Concept

Megalo Polis is a surprisingly quick-witted RTS. You’ll need to think fast to locate and seize opportunities to spread your political influence. Build your campaign from the ground up as you identify key states, political allies, and amass a loyal group of supporters to spread your message in a way that is most likely critical and patronizing. To achieve American political victory, you’ll need to outsmart and outmaneuver your equally manipulative and corrupt rivals. Budget your time and your wallet carefully as you persuade the people to vote for you, by just about any means necessary.

megalo polisEach candidate has a special bonus that allows them to convert certain segments of the population more easily. Two examples: Hillary Clinton has a harder time convincing voters (trust issues), and Donald Trump doesn’t really appeal to a city full of teachers.

Harness your campaign wealth and dump money into districts to quickly persuade even the most stubborn of voters. Players will also have the chance to pick one of many cards that grant access to special abilities such as doubling your own funds, betting on a smear campaign, and more.

Take advantage of the special perks granted to you by the two competing parties to further your bid. Republicans earn $5,000 per minute and Democrats get a higher population conversion rate. Win over each district, then each state to become the next President!

Megalo Polis what

Megalo Polis Key Features

* Play as caricatures of real politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz.
* Race your opponents and garner supporters by any means necessary.
* Use 20+ special abilities to outsmart and outmaneuver the competition.
* Influence voters in each class to control districts and disrupt the other candidates.
* Complete challenges to gain votes in 40 missions in 50 states.
* Break all the rules: You can even play as Obama and run for a third term!

The Good and the Bad

The Goods – I enjoy any game that can take the topic of politics and just make it look a bit ridiculous. I don’t doubt the importance of our world leaders, or what it means to vote, or anything like that, but Megalo Polis is just a good release from this really heated and emotional election season. The game actually feels like a game, so it’s not like this is just a game about politics; there is plenty of strategy involved.

Megalo Polis
Megalo Trump… accurate

The graphics are exactly what I’d expect from political satire: a political cartoon-styled caricature of the candidates (and the American people, for that matter). The sounds of the game are amazing, as developer Black Sheep Studio has taken the real clips of actual quotes from these politicians and sped them up to sound like a fast-talking chipmunk. Hearing Obama talk about change, or Trump mention making America great again, in a high-speed squeaky voice is very hilarious.

The Bads – While the game does have a tutorial segment, it feels as though you’re just thrown in to figure most things out for yourself. Perhaps the tutorial could’ve done a more thorough job of explaining certain game mechanics. Even just moving from district to district presented me with some surprises and things I could have been doing the whole time, but wasn’t aware of because of no mention in the tutorial. A couple of examples are the fact that your character will actually run much slower when walking on grass, or any terrain that isn’t the road, and also that your character will get stuck on buildings, requiring that you click to move them all the way around in a clunky fashion just to get around one of the many structures in the city.

The only other gripe I personally had will be somewhat contradictory to one of the positives I wrote about. I certainly love the chipmunk speedy voices, but after you’ve been hearing them over and over again for an hour or two, it actually can give you a bit of a headache. This may not be the greatest game to play for hours at a time if those sort of high-pitched nothings will get on your nerves.



6 out of 10!!!

Megalo Polis is pretty much as it looks and sounds: goofy political game that involves strategy, but isn’t an incredibly deep game or anything. I put it right underneath The Political Machine 2016, which you surely remember us reviewing earlier this year 😉

megalo polis winnerMegalo Polis is available now, and to celebrate the launch, it is on sale for only $8.99 — a 10% discount lasting the first full week on Steam (PC/Mac).

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