LootPets Spring 2016 Review!


LootPets is LootCrate‘s pet-inspired subscription box service that is a real ‘treat‘ for pups everywhere. My dogs and I were excited to begin a LootPets subscription starting in March of 2016. Please see the images and text below for a run-down of all that was included in LootPets’ spring 2016 boxes from March – May:

LootPets Spring 2016 March

LootPets Spring 2016 March box You and your pooch(es) can become a crime-fighting team with March 2016’s LootPets Spring 2016 box, which is mostly superhero-themed, but the technical name of the theme for the box was “Vs.” The pooch “Vs” superhero box art on the inside is amazing. But okay, first item for review –

IMG_5031 Phunny Batman Plush –
The Phunny Batman Plush toy (included in honor of Batman Vs. Superman) is possibly intended for humans to collect and love, but our dogs also love to obliterate any kind of stuffed animal or plush that they’ve been given permission to chew up. My wife and I felt the Phunny Batman plush should go to the doggies; this is LootPETS after all!

Captain America: Civil War Dog Bowls –

In honor of the Captain America: Civil War movie that was coming up, at the time of the LootPets Spring 2016 March box, there were three collapsible bowls (all looked the same). Each one has a smooth laminated outside with a ziploc seal on the inside. They can be easily folded up and taken on-the-go with the carabiner clip attached to the edge.

Turduck’nstein Treats –

It’s always nice to have treats for our non-designer Labradoodle (we found him on the street, somebody abandoned the poor fellow at 4 months old) named “Apple” and our 12-pound Toy Fox Terrier/English Sheepdog (yeah…Sheepdog…12 pounds) mix named “Twoey”
So my wife and I were happy to see the made-in-America “Turduck’nstein” meat treats for our dogs in the March LootPets box.IMG_5040

Alien vs. Predator LootPin Collar Charm –

The LootPets boxes apparently all contain a little charm to attach to your dog’s collar. How fitting for a “Vs” themed box than to use an Alien vs. Predator design!


Ruff ’em Ups fruity protein puffs –

If it wasn’t clear, the protein puffs are for dogs 😉


It’s not a big deal, but these protein puffs will make a short loud crunch as your dog takes the first bites into them. Both of our dogs love these and the Turduck’nstein treats from the LootPets Spring 2016 March box.

Star Trek “Mirror Mirror” dog and human shirts –

LootPets Spring 2016 April

IMG_5319Yum yum yum, it’s BACON!!!!! The April 2016 LootPets box is “Quest” themed, although I consider it Bacon-themed. There was even a scratch-and-sniff sticker with the sweet aroma of…well, it mostly smelled like bacon, just a little fake, but let’s not be picky here. Items from within the April 2016 box are below –



Adventure Time “Makin’ Bacon Pancakes” Dog and Human T-shirts –

Jake from Adventure Time is a great host for this Makin’ Bacon Pancakes doggie t-shirt. Like the March 2016 box, there was also a shirt for the human!


Exclusive Questrips Beefy Strips treats –

As I mentioned for the March box, our dogs absolutely love and devour dog treats. These beefy Questrips dog treats won’t last long, but that’s a good thing! IMG_5322

D-20 Dog Collar Charm –

It’s dangerous to go alone… no questing dog should go without its trusty D-20 collar charm!

d20 charm

Grab A Bite Bacon Plush Toy –

Oh my, our dogs loved this thing too much and they definitely did not want to take turns trying to open it up! It contains a squeaker at both ends, and is lined with some kind of foil or paper within that makes it have a sort of crinkly sound and texture from the inside.


LootPets Spring 2016 May

This power-packed edition of LootPets for May is actually power-themed. Items within are below:

Mega Man & Rush Dog/Human T-Shirts –

Mega Man T-Shirt LootPets Spring 2016

Our little dog, Twoey (pictured above) does not like to wear doggie T-shirts. The shirts within these LootPets crates are not big enough for our 65-pound pup, Apple. Ultimately, the shirts are very awesome by print design, but the dog shirt often ends up unused in our household.

Kong AirDog Dumbell Toy –

Mostly self explanatory; this small dumbell dog toy has a squeaker within both ends of the dumbell. Both of my dogs love it, but only for a short period of time, after which they lose interest.


Chicken Chargers Treats –

It’s a “powerful” treat for your favorite pooch! Well actually, they’re really just chicken treats, but they are a decent size that fits any pooch’s appetite! Or they can easily be broken up into smaller bits for the lil dogs.

LootPets Chicken Chargers Treats!

Collar Charm of Power –

Fitting the May monthly theme of “power” we have a powerful dog doing some power-lifting!

And that does it for the LootPets Spring 2016 crates! All in all, if you have the money to spare, it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re the type that wants these sorts of accessories and toys/treats for your dog(s). Personally, if I could just get a LootPets box that only has treats & toys, and perhaps the occasional shirt or collar charm, that would be my preference. My reasoning is that I’m finding I have an excess of dog collar charms and dog shirts because I really only want to have one collar charm on at a time, being that my pups already have their nametags on their collar and rabies vaccination charms, etc. And since only one of my dogs can actually wear the dog shirt, but doesn’t really like to wear dog clothing of any kind, I am now left with shirts that we won’t use. So this might be something to keep in mind if you and your dog can’t really use so many collar charms or shirts; otherwise, the LootPets crates are a terrific product for humans and animals alike!



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