Lexip Launches Kickstarter for Amazing 3DM-Pro Mouse

Lexip posted the kickstarter, today, for a mouse that will revolutionize the way gaming mice can be made to perform. The Lexip 3DM-Pro is a professional 3D mouse that can serve as the ultimate versatile gaming mouse. What makes the 3DM-Pro mouse so innovative is the two joysticks merged into a high-performance mouse for gaming. These joystick features make it easy to combine maneuvers in fast-paced action games, easily access load-outs, and control your characters or vehicles like never before! The first of the joysticks is internal and controlled by tilting the entire mouse’s outer shell. Simply tilting your mouse shell up, down, left or right can control a variety of key-mappings.

Lexip 3DM-Pro joystick shellThe second joystick on the 3DM-Pro is controlled by your thumb like with a console controller, providing premium ergonomics and a truly 3-Dimensional gaming experience without ever needing to add any extra commands or shortcuts.

3DM-Pro thumb joystickThe development team that put together the Lexip 3DM-Pro is full of passionate gamers, and it really shows in how they didn’t skim over the really important features for a mouse to be used on today’s biggest PC games. With an 8200 dpi laser sensor down below, and ergonomic design for all-day comfort up above, this mouse is sleek and perfect for all types of gamers; Lexip has put a list, however, of some of the hottest top games compatible for the 3DM-Pro (below).

3DM-Pro Top GamesLexip 3DM-Pro Features

  • 6DOF motion controller and analog stick for unparalleled level of control
  • 8200 dip laser for precise drawing and editing
  • 7 programmable buttons for optimal personalization of your 3D application
  • Smart interface: detection of the 2D/3D application used and automatic profile adjustment
  • Non-slip rubber clicking scroll-wheel
  • Ergonomic shape for comfortable working experience
  • Soft touch and non-slip rubber sides for greater comfort
  • 6 ceramic feet (super smooth/slick)

3DM-Pro Likes and Dislikes

The Good: I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the team at PAX South 2018 as my first experience in putting the 3DM-Pro to the test. The game on the show floor that I chose to use the mouse for was Fortnite. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to first use the thumb joystick, but then to find out that tilting back downward on the mouse (because of its ability to swivel and pivot on the two-axis shell joystick) allowed me to go in and out of crouching very quickly. Actually, I suppose I CAN tell you how amazing it is… and that’s what I’m telling you here: it was amazing! Occasionally I’ll forget to be dodging or moving while trying to blast opponents in games like Fortnite and PubG, because it just doesn’t feel as simple when I’m using a traditional keyboard and mouse combo. The 3DM-Pro makes it so much easier to move around while shooting, in a pattern that allows you to dodge opponents, because of the unique joystick coming out near your thumb.

And of course, if pictures can’t do it justice, I’ll just confirm that those 6 ceramic feet on the bottom are truly slick. I’ve personally battled with rough mousepads and rough mouse “feet,” but that will be a thing of the past when you use a Lexip mouse. You can tell right away that it was designed with care, by people who understand what we all want and need from a great mouse.

Might I also add, I was at PAX South with a colleague who LOVES to customize the lighting on his computer and all accessories. The Lexip mouse comes with a decent amount of lighting customization, but an exceptional amount of customizing for each specific game to have certain mapped movements with either joystick or any of the other features on the mouse (like left, right, and middle clicks all doing something different depending on your settings for each game). The level of customization is insane, and we like it!

The Bad: It is tough to speak honestly about the flaws of a great development team’s pristine product, but there is one thing that makes the Lexip mouse less appealing for me. The one thing I dislike using the mouse for is actually just my day-to-day work tasks. I rely heavily on my computer and my mouse for my line of work (heavy on editing video/audio, among other things). Because of the swiveling shell joystick on the underside of the mouse, I often find myself leaning back too often after just about 20-30 minutes on the mouse, when even a healthy hand might get more lazy or tired of being propped up. While a good feature for gaming, I found I was unable to really relax and rest my hand/palm down without pushing down on the mouse’s pivoting shell itself and it meant that I was constantly mis-clicking because the entire mouse would perform mini-movements. There is not an easy work-around for this scenario and it makes it tough for really precise editing of audio, video, or images.


8.5 out of 10!

Because not everyone will have the issues I have with the mouse, it definitely deserves your attention. As a gaming mouse, the Lexip 3DM-Pro will not disappoint and the joysticks will exceed expectations. Backing the project now on Kickstarter can ensure that you receive the mouse for the lowest price it will be offered, among several other perks in the different reward tiers. See a timeline of launch, below, directly from the kickstarter to learn more.



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