Killing Floor: Incursion at PAX South 2017 First Impressions

PAX South 2017 was host to many fun gaming experiences, but few could compare to the action-packed experience of Killing Floor: Incursion in VR. Tripwire Interactive‘s new take on the shooting franchise is absolutely made better by the virtual reality component.

Killing Floor: Incursion

In Killing Floor: Incursion players take on the role of an elite Horzine Security Forces soldier as they, team up with an ally to fend off the horrific Zed hordes with an array of weapons including guns, knives, and more. The area can be freely explored as players move throughout the environment gathering weapons and ammo while searching for the best locations to fight the Zed onslaught.

The full game will have you battling in diverse environments from creepy farmhouses to high tech facilities through Horzine Security Forces missions and unlock the secrets of the Zeds origins. The PAX South 2017 Killing Floor: Incursion demo took place in the creepy farmhouse. The mission, as I understood it, seemed to be collecting puzzle-like pieces that fit together on the downstairs wall of the creepy farmhouse, subsequently opening up a portal. The nasty Zed freaks made sure this was no easy task, as simple as it may sound.

Killing Floor: Incursion guns

The game really is enhanced when using the Oculus Touch; it was a creature-blasting experience like I’ve never had before, and a very thrilling one at that! The controls did not take long to get used to, and the actions felt mostly natural. Reach behind your ear on the left side for a knife, push on the joystick to highlight a spot on the ground and go to it… things like that. Using the advent of the Oculus and other VR devices was definitely a great move for the Tripwire team with Killing Floor: Incursion.

“Working with Oculus to bring the Killing Floor universe to VR has been a dream come true,” said Leland Scali, Project Lead at Tripwire Interactive. “The technology is expressive and brings an amazing amount of control and immersiveness that traditional games can’t begin to compete with.”
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