Headsnatchers PAX East 2018 Preview/First Impressions

Headsnatchers is self-described as “a wildly fun multiplayer party game.” If you add emphasis on the “wildly” part of that statement, you’ve got the right feeling about this game. Choose your character’s head from a substantial selection and try your damnedest to keep it on your shoulders, although you have to simultaneously attempt to remove everyone else’s. Once you have snatched your opponent’s head, light up the scoreboard with it. Regarding minigames, animation, and overall ‘feel’ of the game: think Move or Die meets Rayman: Raving Rabbids.

Headsnatchers Key Features

  • Local and online* multiplayer, support up to 4 players
  • 4 game modes and 25 unique levels
  • Zombie Castle single-player mode, for when you really need some me-time
  • Choose from 100 heads
  • A limitless custom head creator (they call it the Headitor, and I love that) that allows you to save up to 20 custom heads

Headsnatchers PAX East

Headsnatchers PAX East Goods and Bads

The Goods: Like the game Move or Die, Headsnatchers can definitely ruin some friendships and end up in absolutely insane, scream-inducing fun. Even playing the demo at PAX East was a solid glimpse into the mass hysteria (the good kind) that this game will cause. The minigames are numerous, just like the number of options you have for customizing your character’s head. This game isn’t trying to be something it’s not; it knows it’s a quirky party game whose Steam page describes itself as “stupidly hectic.” And what a great aspect that is, as Headsnatchers truly embraces eccentricity and weirdness in a party game that you just can’t avoid smiling at. Some examples of minigames that were available in the PAX East demo were a gladiator-style fight to the death and a dark castle treasure-gathering game. But it must be emphasized that all minigames revolve around taking off the opponents’ heads and making sure they don’t get the head back before their life force is gone.

Headsnatchers PAX East minigame

The Bads: Fortunately, the only negative aspects of Headsnatchers were likely stemming from the fact that the version at PAX East was a less-fleshed-out demo. There were a few times that even the staff at the booth had to take the controllers from us for a hard reset due to the game glitching or performing in some way it wasn’t supposed to. And while there was a decent selection of minigames at the PAX East demo offering, I could see the games becoming repetitive or dull if they were the only options in the full version; after seeing trailers and post-PAX video footage, I can confirm that there are definitely many more minigames available than what we saw at PAX East.

The Verdict?

Headsnatchers definitely deserves the win in the party game genre, although it is obviously of note that there are now *so* many other games also available to those who love to play crazy minigames. While Headsnatchers is not the absolute best party game out there, it is far from the worst, and it is definitely worth your attention. The fact that there is online play will also add to the experience, possibly preventing it from ever becoming too stale. What interests me most is still pending: the head customization/character creation… being that I have a YouTube channel of nearly 200,000 subscribers (all focused on character creation games), this is a very important aspect of Headsnatchers that I have yet to try.

You can catch Headsnatchers in Early Access on Steam, and a new trailer just launched following PAX East, giving a quick look at some of the head customization –



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