Get the Ball Rolling: Road to Ballhalla Preview from PAX South 2016

tinybuild is at PAX South 2016 with so many games, it’s almost ironic that they’re called *tiny*build (inb4 GIANTbuild games). I got my hands on a very addicting puzzle platformer called Road to Ballhalla. Other than this game featuring an entirely marble-sized ball-based experience, it is also unique in that the game is rhythm-driven. If you move with the music and use the tempo & rhythm to learn the trap patterns, you can overcome all of the hazards of Ballhalla. What hazards could a little old ball like yourself fear, exactly? For starters, rotating laser beams and huge antagonistic red glowing balls trying to crush you are two that come to mind. You’ve got to be pretty ballsy to roll past those hazards alive.

Road to Ballhalla screenshot

The premise is simple and fun: lead your ball through beautiful but dangerous worlds in sync with the music. Get your ball from one end of the level to the other, sometimes with walls to protect you from careening off the side of the level, or sometimes without! There is also a boost mechanic, allowing you to increase speed with the touch of a button. But the boost comes with high stakes in that you will die instantly if you touch a hazard while boosting. It takes balls to boost among hazards.

Road to Ballhalla at PAX South 2016

Road to Ballhalla will have many other features in the final release, such as community-created challenges using the level editor and hard-to-find secret areas that will reward you with bonus content.

Please look for Road to Ballhalla on Steam in 2016. This game is nuts… definitely balls to the walls… I’ll show myself out.



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