Get the Mythical Pokémon Celebi March 1st-24th!

As part of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, the entire year of 2016 is filled with some Poke-goodness! If you have been keeping up with the latest news, Gamestop was giving away free Mew code cards the entire month of February. Don’t fret if you missed that chance though, because as of today you’ll be able to pickup your very own Celebi Legendary from the comfort of your own home! The event is only going on until the 24th of March, so run to your 3DS while you can! Here are the stats of the Celebi you’ll be receiving:


Lv. 100
Ability: Natural Cure
– Confusion
– Recover
– Heal Bell
– Safeguard

How Do I Receive my Celebi?

Picking up this Celebi is a simple process! First, make sure you have a copy of Pokemon X/Y or ORAS for the 3DS/2DS. Once you start up any of those games, be sure to go to the “mystery gift” option found on the main menu. Select “receive gift” and allow for the communication channel to be opened. Then, just make sure to receive the gift from “the internet” and voila! A wild Celebi will appear! Easy as 1-2-3!

Celebi Event


Still bummed that you missed out your chance to obtain a Mew during the month of February? Well, as a gift to you lovely viewers I’ll leave ONE unused code to obtain Mew! The code needs to be redeemed by the month of May, and it’ll go to whichever viewer uses the code first. Let us know who your favorite legendary Pokemon in the comments below, and to whoever ends up with this Mew, enjoy it! Keep an eye out for more Legendaries to come in the upcoming months!

Code: A5Z2HKW3M2EASC25
Code: A5Z2HKW3M2EASC25




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