A Game Show Where Your Life is on the Line: FORCED SHOWDOWN Review

Hurry, hurry, hurry, come one, come all and play the hit new game show: FORCED SHOWDOWN! But this is not a trivia game show, or solely a test of your mental prowess. No, this is a galactic game show where your life is on the line, as you campaign through a series of deadly battles. Doesn’t that sound more entertaining than a host asking contestants some boring questions?

ForcedShowdown LavaAbility


In this intergalactic game show, players will assume the role of a contestant with various skillsets… will you be the Squire of Light? A short-distance ranged hero utilizing the powers of the sun. Or will you choose Volco, the big brute and token melee hero of the game? He carries around a big hammer, and smashes everything in his way. Perhaps you would rather be an alien beast at the top of the food chain? If so, you’ll want to go with the always-hungry Ravager, with its four vicious clawed arms that will have little trouble slicing up the enemies’ anatomy for a delicious Ravager snack. Lastly, you could opt to choose the Stormbringer, the signature ranged hero of the game. Despite being a bit cocky, he can use his bow or just summon lightning to deal with foes from afar.

AForcedShowdown Mulliganfter you’ve chosen to embody a contestant, another main element of the game is using a solid deck of cards imbued with special abilities, buffs, consumables, and more. These may be cards like “Minor Heal” which heals 100 health, or “Shock Helmet” which gives a 30% chance to cast a Shock Nova spell when hit. Like in Hearthstone, players also have a “Mulligan” round before the match starts, where you can choose to redraw any cards from your hand. Every card will vary in how much mana it costs to play it, and you will gain one mana with each round. As you continue to play through the single player campaign, you’ll unlock new cards and can use them in your own customizeable decks specific to each contestant hero.

ForcedShowdown Minor Heal card

FORCED SHOWDOWN Other Key Features –

  • Competitions – Compete to be the master of daily challenges, with new seasons and new challenges every month!

    Forced Showdown Choosing Campaign
    Choose from a variety of different campaigns when playing in single player
  • Companions – Enlist in the help of allies like a powerful dinosaur that finds you tasty, but your enemies tastier.
  • Crazy and Exotic Enemies – All with unique fighting styles and attacks, the enemies will make the FORCED SHOWDOWN show have the biggest ratings ever!!!
  • Titans – Mighty Titans are encountered during the show; considered ultimate challenges, slaying these beasts will definitely win over the crowd.
  • DLC/Updates – In the last week (pre-release week), a special Twitch viewing event brought on a 12% discount and has already unlocked some new rewards for the game, such as new skins for contestants and companions, a community card made live on Twitch and added to the game, and a splendid wallpaper pack.


The GoodsFORCED SHOWDOWN has an innovative and great concept. To throw an intergalactic game show with beat-’em-up brawler-style gameplay with a card deck element, and so much more, is an impressive feat if executed properly, and I believe FORCED SHOWDOWN does go above and beyond. I love the sights (graphics), sounds, epic jokes and meme references scattered about, and the gameplay.

Forced Showdown Gotta Go Fast
“Gotta Go Fast!”

FORCED SHOWDOWN is the kind of game that most people can pick up and play very easily, to its credit, but could be hard to master the last few levels of the campaigns. It certainly is accessible and intuitive to most all players.

The Bads – Perhaps I’m just getting older, but the text seems very small when reading some card abilities; and yes, I have it in full screen resolution. There are also a few moments I found that the card’s description could just be a bit more clear; the “Dagger Storm” consumable card, for example, deals 40 damage to everything, but doesn’t explicitly convey that means *you* too. The game is mostly stable, all-in-all, but I did experience my game crashing 3 times when I attempted to Twitch stream it after the major Twitch update through Steam… and I’m using a $5,000+ Alienware “Area 51” with four cores, dual SLI Nvidia graphics cards, 32GB memory, a nice Solid State Drive coupled with a 4TB hard drive. I believe as more updates come in, the game continues to stabilize more and more, but it was a bit discouraging to have it crash so many times during a stream.

Forced Showdown Fairies Consumable


7 out of 10

FORCED SHOWDOWN is definitely a game I recommend if you like the hack-and-slash beat-’em-up genre, or even if you would just like to add a solid game under $20 to your Steam library (although there is currently a “Deluxe Edition” of the game, containing more skins and things, for just over $20 USD).

Pick it up on Steam today!



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