FUNimation Speaks on Long Awaited Steins;Gate Movie!

Big news! If you’re a huge fan of the space-time bending anime Steins;Gate, as well as an avid FUNimation watcher (like me), chances are you’ve been aware that FUNimation has had the rights to the heart-wrenching movie sequel since 2014. Yet, since the announcement of the acquired license, when was the last time an announcement about the dub was made? Well, after two long years, we’ve heard from FUNimation about it! Just yesterday, FUNimation tweeted out the following:

Steins;Gate Tweet

Now, with the new visual novel and upcoming anime Steins;Gate 0 coming soon, looks like a great time for FUNimation to announce the release date for the movie! According to the tweet, the movie will be released sometime in 2017. As exciting as this is-and believe me-I’m SO excited-this does beg the question as to what took so long announcing a release date. Normally, a movie FUNimation licenses will release one year after they have announced the license to it. Yet, it took them two years to announce the release date to come next year? I’m sure they have their reasons, but it does make me curious if there were internal problems causing such a delay.

All that aside, though, who’s hyped?! Let us know down in the comments if you are excited about the FUnimation release of the Steins;Gate movie!




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