First Impressions on SSMP

The editors of DKCGaming (plus friends) were all able to meet up at PAXEast this year, and while there we were sure to hit up as many multiplayer games as able! One of those games being SSMP (Shoot Shoot Mega Pack), a party game about rules, friendship, and shooting. 661397191_preview_ssmp_void

Going up to four players, SSMP is a minimalist party game/shooter. Choosing either a preset game (like fade, sync, zoom, etc), making up your own rules, or letting the game make them for you, you are in need of taking out your beloved friends biz monkey and time puncher..or was it kinny the knife and ssmp4sophistitron? Anyways, you need to take out your friends before they take you out in these ‘get to x amount of wins first’ game modes.

My Thoughts:

This is all based on a small hands on experience during my time at PAXEast, not a review of the whole game.

SSMP was highly enjoyable! The whole group went and played it at least once each PAX day, sharing laughs as we competed against each other. It’s appearance is simple, but it’s clean and appealing nevertheless. Contrssmp3ols were easy and smooth, we were able to pick up and go at it instantly!

Replay value is good with being a fun casual game that can turn competitive with the right people. I personally had a really great time going up against my friends, learning who excels at which game mode and therefore should be taken out first, and how I have to remember to release the thrusts or I’m gonna die from either the walls closing in or zooming right into a purple abyss.

I hope to see this game come out so we can all buy it and play some more! But the question is…are you ready to party?


SSMP is currently in need of your help! Vote “yes” alongside me and let’s get this game available on Steam! Click here to check out more!

Also be sure to stick around as we give our hands on experience of other indie games we found at PAX! More to come soon!




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